There’s a New Way to Get the Grotto Netherwing Drake in WoW 10.2

Flying sharks? What is this, an Asylum film?

WoW’s next content update, “Guardians of the Dream,” is expected to launch sometime after BlizzCon (likely sometime in mid-November). With it comes a new raid, all-new zone, tons of new quests and activities, along with a host of balance adjustments. There’s a new Dragonriding mount, of course, but also a way to get a familiar favorite that has become unobtainable.

How to Get the Grotto Netherwing Drake

Previously, the Grotto Netherwing was only obtainable through completion of the Adventure Log associated with the Trading Post back in July, but it can be obtained via a quest in the Emerald Dream zone coming in patch 10.2. The quest details aren’t yet known, but the major takeaway is that the mount will become available for all players, for all time (bye bye FOMO!).

It’s a continuing trend in WoW to bring back items that have been made unobtainable, like Tyrael’s Charger or the trading card game Feldrake mounts. You might feel a little bitter if you were “there,” but I think everyone deserves a chance to unlock the goodies they might have missed just because they weren’t in the right place at the right time.

Why is it being brought back? Well, besides looking cool as hell, it’s getting a whole lot of new customization options in 10.2. In fact, it’s being brought in line with all the other Dragonriding mounts in terms of cosmetics, which is fantastic since it hasn’t had any to date. For a full list of Grotto Netherwing Drake cosmetics, check out Wowhead.

10.2 might be a few months away, but there are lots of Dragonriding cosmetics to unlock in the coming weeks. These are related to holidays, including the revamped Brewfest and Hallow’s End events. Check out our holiday Dragonriding armor guide so you don’t miss any!

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