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Wolcen Queen Amadalah Guide – Act 1 Optional Boss

by Ginny Woo

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is absolutely packed to the brim with bosses of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions. Similarly, not every enemy that you encounter is one that you’re needing to actually take down to progress in the story. Wolcen’s Queen Amadalah is one such boss – you can choose to completely avoid her if you wish, but like every enemy of a deadly size, she’s worth the kill if you’re wanting gear and riches. Let our guide help you with this particular endeavor.

Wolcen Queen Amadalah Guide – Act 1 Optional Boss

The Wolcen Queen Amadalah boss might have you picturing someone a little bit like Cydaea from Diablo III just from the name, but we might have to burst your bubble a little bit. Queen Amadalah is more bug than a sexy humanoid lady, and, well, maybe you might still be into that. That’s fine. We don’t kinkshame. Queen Amadalah is actually a boss that you can find quite easily in the game and quite early on as well – she’ll show up in Act 1 when you’re trucking through the quest called Bane of the Storm to take down another pesky thing standing between you and victory. If you’re exploring the map, you can find Queen Amadalah kicking around in the northeast portion.

Queen Amadalah doesn’t necessarily have a whole ton of phases, but the thing that can make her tough if you’re dealing with her as soon as you find her is the fact that she can spawn a number of annoying adds. You’re going to be wanting to manage your health because the adds she summons will have abilities like her own. We’ve got some tips and tricks for you if you’re getting a little stuck on this bug lady:

  • Make sure that you avoid her charge – she’s got a big stinger that is telegraphed
  • Avoid projectiles and also when she forms a wall – passing this will do damage to you
  • Position yourself behind Queen Amadalah where possible when dodging
  • Queen Amadalah is fast so it’s in your interest to over-avoid out of caution
  • Focus on her adds when you start to see more than a handful at a time – they have her abilities so they’ll hurt
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the figures in the combat area, focus on adds then her where necessary

Once you’ve taken down the Wolcen Queen Amadalah boss with the help of our guide, you’re going to be lucky enough to pick up an achievement called Vaultmarcher Regicide. Doesn’t that sound handy? Two bugs with one stone, as it were. If you’re looking for some help with other Wolcen bosses, we’ve also got advice on how to take down Lambach from Act 2 and how to make quick work of Edric from Act 1. While we’re still updating our dedicated guides hub for this title, check out what we’ve put out on other games that are popular right now:

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