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Wolcen Lambach Guide – How to Defeat The Act 2 Boss

by Ginny Woo

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is one of the many Diablo-likes that borrows heavily not only from its mechanical predecessors but also from the same sort of grimdark fantasy setting that made Blizzard’s property so popular. However, with a grimdark fantasy setting comes great responsibility. Okay, not quite, but it definitely comes with its fair share of bosses that wouldn’t be out of place in your worst nightmares. The Wolcen Lambach boss of Act 2 is no different, so check out our guide on how to make sure that this illusory expert is truly done for.

Wolcen Lambach Guide – How to Defeat The Act 2 Boss

So, you’re up to kicking Lambach’s butt. Initially, this Act 2 boss will appear to be quite unassuming, but that’s definitely going to change as you truck through the two distinct phases of the boss fight. While it might not seem to be as long a fight as the one against Edric was in Act 1, it’s definitely not insubstantial when it comes to difficulty. We reckon the toughest part is the second phase for sure, and making sure that you’re not overwhelmed by the adds that end up spawning because of Lambach. We’ve broken down the fight into its distinct phases to make delivery of our bite-sized tips a little easier so read on!

  • The first phase of the Wolcen Lambach fight is fairly straightforward. Lambach stays still, but that doesn’t mean that you can rest easy on your heels. There are some distinctive physical attacks that Lambach will do, including arm slams and swipes which you’re going to have to avoid. Lambach will slam their fist into the ground which leaves behind an area affected by a debuff; it’s temporary, so avoid this and then reposition as necessary after. Enemies will spawn during this first phase and you can make quick work of these if you prepare in advance – they will spawn from glowing pods. Also avoid Lambach’s projectiles which will require you to avoid every bit of area that’s lit up in warning: those areas are where the spell damage will come down. 
  • The second phase of the Wolcen Lambach fight will be a bit of a showstopper visually. We mean this in the best possible way but boy, does Lambach get big. Now, Lambach is going to take up the majority of the arena but still remain in one spot. This means that you have a much tighter window when it comes to dodging projectiles, attacks, and the like, so keep on your toes. Lambach will also make sure that there are constantly floods of small adds, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re dispatching the Harvesters as they will likely hurt the most. You’re going to want to look out for Lambach’s tentacles and third hand – they will have damage area indicators and you should avoid being in their proximity. When Lambach disappears and lines streak across the combat area, avoid them all and stand outside of the front-facing cone that will spawn. 

As long as you’re keeping the above tips in mind, it should be pretty easy for you to take down this creepy hivemind with our Wolcen Lambach guide. Like the Act 1 boss fight in Wolcen, it’s definitely going to be a matter of patience because of just how much you’re going to be kept on your toes when you’re taking down this boss and how much phase two is going to hurt until you get accquainted with attack patterns. We’re still in the process of fleshing out our Wolcen coverage but in the meantime, check out some guides for popping titles that we’re working on right now:

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