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Wolcen Edric Guide – How to Defeat The Act 1 Boss

by Ginny Woo

So, you’ve decided to crack into Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Wolcen definitely shoots, loots, and screams a lot like Diablo III but hey, we’re not complaining. It’s about time we had some competition for the crown here when it comes to titles like that, and if clicking on things and watching them explode is your idea of a good time then you’re going to be well-served by our Wolcen Edric guide. We’ll help you make mincemeat of this Act 1 boss if you keep reading. 

Wolcen Edric Guide – How to Defeat The Act 1 Boss

If you’re reading this far then we reckon you’ve made it to the end of Act 1. If not, we honestly don’t know what you’re doing here because this guide really isn’t going to do all that much for you. Edric can feel like the gatekeeper between Act 1 and the next Act, and rightfully so. Because of that, we’re going to throw you some tips and tricks that we’ve got when it comes to taking down Edric. Of course, there might be some spoilers going forward to if you’re wanting to avoid those, double back to this only if you fail to take this bad guy down on your own. 

Alright, let’s crack into what we reckon you should do generally when it comes to fighting Edric. This almost goes without saying, but stack health potions. That’s just a smart thing to do in any game like this, but we’re going to hammer it home for you. This is a safe strategy, and it’s all about being safe and making sure that you’re not the one who gets taken down. Edric has three distinct phases, so we’re going to talk you through them. 

  • When it comes to the first phase of the Wolcen Edric fight, you’re going to want to avoid his charge attack and his bullets. Edric will try and stay on the move, but his charge is the one that’s going to hurt the most if you get clipped by it. Make sure that you sidestep the charge and use the opportunity to do damage to him before he can protect himself again.
  • When it comes to the second phase of the Edric fight, he’s going to rotate to more ranged abilities, this time in the form of grenades. You’re going to have to contend with those, bullets, and another charge attack where he’ll lead with the pointy end first. The most devastating attack here is the new grenade splash that this phase introduces. It’s going to hurt the most and he’ll fire it in a full circle around him, with each grenade going off in order of proximity to him. Our advice would be to stay on the fringes until the grenades close to him have gone off before moving into those areas post-detonation. 
  • When it comes to the last phase of the Edric fight, he essentially gets a souped-up damage buff which will make pretty much every hit of his almost lethal. This time you’re going to have to worry about him being a literal whirling dervish of death, so if it looks like he’s winding up for a tornado of blades, get the hell away. Also watch when he does any leaps – the site of impact will spawn flames in a cross pattern that will do damage. Once he’s low enough, you’re also going to have to deal with him shielding up and charging his ult. While he charges up, danger zones will appear which you have to avoid. If there are adds kicking around at any point, and there will be, we would recommend leaving them alone and focusing exclusively on Edric so that you can track his flame attack that expands and travels outwards from where he’s situated on the platform. Slide closer to avoid taking damage but otherwise you’ll want to keep your distance. 

If you follow our strategies above in this rundown of the Wolcen Edric fight, we reckon it should be easy enough to take him down once you’ve had sufficient practice learning how to dodge. Be patient when it comes to your opportunities for damage/ they might seem few and far between but be patient or it’ll be your downfall. Need a hand with anything else in Wolcen? We’re currently working on prepping the dedicated guides hub for you but in the meantime, check out some guides that we’ve put together for games that are hot right now:

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