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Will There Be a Dead Space 2 Remake? – Answered

Will Isaac's second outbreak get the same treatment?

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space 2 Key Art

As the critical and commercial reception has proven, Dead Space Remake is a great remake of a survival horror classic. Isaac Clarke’s nightmare across the Ishimura captivated fans at release, and still captivates fans to this day. It’s almost shocking to see something like it come out these days, but a very, very welcome shock. With how good it seems to be, many are wondering where the team goes from here. Here’s whether there will be a Dead Space 2 Remake.

Will EA Release a Dead Space 2 Remake?

If you’re out of the loop, the reception of Dead Space beyond the initial outing wasn’t the greatest. Many believe the series shifted away from its survival horror roots towards action, with Dead Space 3 not being received very well critically or commercially. Still, many enjoy Dead Space 2 for how it still managed to keep its roots intact. Naturally, people would love to see a similar remake with the same attention to detail, only furthering the game’s follow-up entry to be even stronger.

From the looks of things, that may likely come to fruition. During an interview with GQ, the senior producer and creative director of the remake said that they were interested in furthering the series in one way or another. After a short break following the launch, they’re going to be discussing with EA to see what would be next, and if there will be a follow-up. It’ll all depend on what happens internally, and, likely, we won’t hear more until EA Motive has more to share.

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If you ask us, we’d love to see a remake of the second game. Several moments would translate great if done the same way as the remake. It would take a lot of effort, but many fans would be appreciated, ourselves included.

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