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How to Get and Use Kinetic Autoloader in Dead Space Remake

Upgrades people! Upgrades!

by Shawn Robinson

In Dead Space Remake, the breadth of weapon upgrades you can get transform your weapons from mediocre to serious powerhouses. Take the Plasma Cutter for example, which can get a massive ammo clip increase alongside damage over time on each shot. You’d be surprised by just how much you can do with the game’s starting weapon. One such mod helps to transform another weapon, though is shrouded in a bit of mystery. Here’s how to get and use the Kinetic Autoloader upgrade in Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find and Use the Kinetic Autoloader Upgrade in Dead Space Remake

The Kinetic Autoloader upgrade is first found in the first Shop you encounter during Chapter 3: Course Correction. It’s available for 11000 credits, and can be found in all future shops until you purchase it. Once you have it, bring it to the nearest workbench to unlock an upgrade path for the Pulse Rifle, which leads to an upgrade that greatly increases its rate of fire.

If you were to ask us, this upgrade is necessary if you’re trying to use the Pulse Rifle for any length of time. The weapon’s damage per bullet is quite low, so you need to rely on its fire rate to deal any meaningful damage to necromorphs. Without a major boost like that, you’re simply not going to get much out of it. If combined with a ton of upgrades to ammo capacity, you essentially have the world’s smallest LMG.

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As this proves, upgrades are vital if you want to survive through the Dead Space Remake. There are a lot of difficult enemies, especially later on, so having as much as you can muster at your disposal will prove necessary and fun at the same time. As a bit of advice from us, be sure to upgrade the Ripper later on. Trust us, it becomes a powerhouse for room cleaning.

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