Will Payday 3 Have Mod Support? – Answered

No Silent Assassin this time around.

Payday 3 Dallas Gunfight
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Payday 3 follows up on a lot of what made its predecessor, Payday 2, so special. The stealth system, for example, has been overhauled to include multiple states of stealth (depending on whether you’ve been seen or not) and the ability to throw down cameras. One thing that PC players of Payday 2 loved was the modding scene, which has left some questions regarding its future. Here’s whether Payday 3 will have modding support.

Can You Mod Payday 3?

From what we can tell, Payday 3 won’t have official mod support with something like the Steam Workshop. The Workshop was featured in Payday 2, but only to vote certain skins into the discontinued Community Safe. Instead, mod tools that Overkill approves of will have to be used, and will likely take some time to be made.

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With that said, mods will be far less versatile this time around. With Payday 3 almost always being online and cross-play being present, mods will be limited to clientside only. This means nothing more than texture mods or sound mods, with nothing gameplay-modifying. Yes, that means things like Silent Assassin won’t be allowed (plus to be fair, that mod may as well have been cheating).

While the drop in mod functionality is disappointing, it’s good that there can at least be some form of modding alive and well in Payday 3. Trying out new HUDs was also a bit part of my enjoyment with the game since the base HUD is useful if a bit unappealing visually. If I find any cool mods when checking NexusMods at release, I’ll update this post to mention them here.

If you’re looking for more details about the game, check out our guide on cross-play and cross-progression functionality in Payday 3.

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