Will Cities: Skylines 2 Have Crossplay Multiplayer? – Answered

Double the people, double the city.

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Building a city from scratch alone is no easy feat as you probably have noticed after playing Cities: Skylines 2 for a while. But can you bring someone else’s help (from a different console) in a multiplayer mode to make it easier to set up that urban area?

Is There Crossplay Multiplayer in Cities: Skylines 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no crossplay multiplayer mode in Cities: Skylines 2 as the game doesn’t even have multiplayer at all. As mentioned in a Q&A revealed on Colossal Order’s official X (formerly Twitter) account back in April, adding multiplayer could be detrimental to the game’s development in general. And there’s also the fact that the game’s console releases were delayed for 2024.

According to the FAQ, the release window for the PS5 and Xbox Series versions was extended up to Spring 2024 so they can have better quality and performance across all platforms. And considering how the initial PC release was far from perfect, it might be a good call to delay those for a bit.

But even when those versions eventually hit the shelves, we’ll most likely not have multiplayer (nor crossplay) just yet. Some people (such as myself) would agree that playing alongside your buddies enhances the overall experience, but I can see why it wasn’t a priority when many people tend to play simulation/building games alone.

Having new additions in comparison to the first title was a priority, and that’s fair. Multiplayer was never completely denied, but considering how the first Cities: Skylines never got this option after release, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Crossplay multiplayer would be an even further dream as the devs already have a fair share of other problems that are a bigger priority.

Besides, the game does have mod support, so it’s very likely that a multiplayer add-on will soon be developed by the community. This is often one of the most requested mod types, after all, so it’ll probably come into existence very soon. I’m not sure if crossplay would become possible with those, but a man can always dream.

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