Wildlife Conservation Borderlands 3 Guide

Talon flown the cuckoo's nest? We'll help you complete the Wildlife Conservation Borderlands 3 sidequest so no one suspects you of fowl play.
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There’s no shortage of sidequests to deal with in Borderlands 3, and honestly, we recommend checking out as many of them as you can because they can either net you some pretty cool rewards. Even if you think you’re kicking on to the end-game stuff, we would advise taking some time out for a detour, especially if the end result is a weapon. Check out our guide to the Wildlife Conservation Borderlands 3 side quest, which will tell you how to complete it and also tell you what you’ll get.

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Wildlife Conservation Borderlands 3 Guide: Location and Rewards

Let’s talk about when you can pick up this side quest. You’re going to have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have unlocked the Konrad’s Hold area
  • Finished Life of the Party

We would also recommend that you’re a healthy handful of levels above 30 if you want this to be smooth sailing. The quest will give you the following rewards:

  • Around $10,000
  • Around 9,500 EXP
  • The Hunter(er) – this is a sniper rifle that gives you over 150% increased damage against Creatures. 

When you’re in Konrad’s Hold on Pandora, which is decently close to the end of the game, you’re going to run into Brick a fair amount. Talk to him to pick up this quest, and you’re going to get told that your job here is to find Talon. Yes, if you don’t find this bird, Mordecai is going to lose his absolute nut. 

Wildlife Conservation Borderlands 3 Guide: Quest Walkthrough

Your job is to track Talon. We’ll make this first step easy for you: they’ve gone into the nearby mines. Keep an eye on a trail of blood to mark the spot, and you’ll note that eventually your way is barred by a door. Given that this is Borderlands 3, your only real way through this is to blow it to smithereens. 

Here’s our tip on finding the relevant explosives

  • You’ll find one in the same room by some collapsed metal beams
  • Hang East and keep an eye out for a varkid nest, there’s one here
  • Scooch along and under a door that’s half-cracked, and look for more varkids to find another
  • There’s a door blocked by some rocks, but if you haul yourself over them then you’ll find one
  • Double back and retrace your steps to the first room where there’s a minecart, and you’ll see one in the distance sandwiched between some barrels and a ledge

Once you’ve picked up all the necessary explosives, chuck them into the minecart and shoot the glowing area on the back to send it firing off. Push past all the debris in the explosive aftermath and you’ll see Talon. Follow her when she takes off, and you’ll have to fight your way through some varkids before encountering her again and getting a new task: to go to Devil’s Razor. Head over there and speak to Brick, before tagging along and reuniting with Mordecai and Talon. Voila! Time for your rewards. 

Now that you’ve got our Wildlife Conservation Borderlands 3 guide in hand, tracking Talon should be a piece of cake. Need some tips getting The Butcher legendary weapon? We can make that a whole lot easier with our guide.


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