Why Are Flashlights Currently Disabled In Dead by Daylight? – Answered

Flashlights are gone for now, but why?

If you’ve recently logged into your favorite asynchronous multiplayer horror extravaganza only to find your favorite item is no longer available to use, you’re not alone. The Flashlight is one of the most effective items available to players in Dead by Daylight, and if you know how to master it, you can be an absolute menace to the killers. Unfortunately, due to a recent bug that has caused some game-breaking issues for Killers and Survivors, it looks like the Flashlight is out of commission until further notice. Let’s find out what’s happening here, and see if we can’t shine a light on the situation.

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Why Can’t I Use The Flashlight In Dead by Daylight?

While we reported on this happening once before on September 10, 2023, Flashlights have been the issue of a hot debate at the moment. If players click on their flashlight as soon as they begin opening a locker, they can phase right into the locker. This is all fine and dandy, but at this point, the Killer would be stuck without any option but to back out of the match since they can’t grab the survivors out of these locations.

It seems that this bug has unfortunately returned once again, so players have found themselves without a way to defend their friends during a pickup. That is unless they start running Flashbang from Leon S. Kennedy, which will still allow players to swoop in for the save at the last second.

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Countless fans of the game were up in arms about this exploit, especially since only specific killers like Gunslinger and Pyramid Head were able to do anything about it. However, it looks as if the team at Behaviour is on this glitch that was introduced in the 7.4.1 Patch that recently came out and will be deploying a Hotfix shortly to eliminate it, alongside any other minor bugs they can.

When Will the Flashlight Be Back In Dead By Daylight?

At this moment, there is no notice of when the hotfix is expected to be released. However, if it is anything like the Cenobite being disabled a few patches back, we should expect to see this issue resolved before the end of the week.

Whether you’re feeling like a pro or need help checking your checkspots before engaging in a chase, we’ve got you covered in our Dead by Daylight section below. Make sure you’re prepared for the return of the Flashlight, and maybe work on unlocking Lightborn before this item returns into rotation.

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