Game Breaking Dead by Daylight Locker/Flashlight Glitch Spells Trouble For Killers

Hopefully Behaviour can lock this down quickly.

It’s always a great day when Dead by Daylight is working as it should be, but it looks like the recent 7.2.1 patch introduced a new bug that is making things near impossible for Killers. While buffs and nerfs are always expected, especially with the sheer number of perks available in the game, it looks like something within the game’s code has straight-up broken flashlights and has turned them into the most valuable commodity available.

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Post via r/deadbydaylight, by u/ulrichzhaym

No matter if you search the subreddit or the bug reporting section on the official Dead by Daylight forums, you’ll likely encounter a fair number of players who have experienced this bug. If a Survivor activates their flashlight as soon as they open a locker, it will essentially turn them invincible. Walking in and out of a locker without the Killer being able to do anything about it sounds like a miserable way to experience the game.

Tweet by @HensDBD via X (formerly known as Twitter)

This glitch was brought to my attention by professional Dead by Daylight player @HensDBD, and the reactions are in almost uniform agreement at the moment. Sure, this may be a fun glitch to exploit while playing with your friends, but jumping into a public match just to waste everyone’s time sounds horrible.

While Behaviour has yet to respond to this new glitch, we can only expect the rapid growth of angry users on their forums, social media accounts, and subreddits will convince them to push out a Hotfix as quickly as possible. If nothing else, there is a good chance that Flashlights may be disabled for some time, much like they did with The Cenobite after a previous update rolled out.

Until then, it may be time to put Dead by Daylight down to avoid running into some of the most frustrating matches of your life. As Hens said above, it’s disappointing to see the number of people exploiting this glitch, but Survivors need to do whatever they can to make it out alive, even if that means exploiting the game in the worst possible way.

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