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Who is The Stranger in God of War?

by Josh Hawkins

The Stranger is the first real boss that players face off against in God of War, and while much isn’t known about him at first, many players are curious to learn more about this being that gives Kratos such a run for his money. So, if you’re curious who The Stranger is, here’s what you need to know.

Be warned that the information provided in this guide is filled with spoilers. If you do not want to spoil later moments of the game for yourself, then please do not read below the image that we’ve posted below.

Who is The Stranger in God of War?

As we stated above, The Stranger is the very first real boss that you face off against in God of War, near the end of Chapter 1. Not much is learned about The Stranger after the battle, however, later as the game wears on, players are given more information about the mysterious ‘invincible’ being that showed up at Kratos’ door.

The Stranger, as he is originally known, is actually Baldur, a prominent figure in Norse mythology. Baldur himself is related to Odin, and throughout the game he chases after Kratos in an attempt to gain revenge against Kratos for their earlier encounter. However, that isn’t where the surprises stop.

Later in the game, after progressing quite a bit, Kratos and Atreus learn that Baldur is actually Freya’s son. Freya is a very powerful witch goddess that players meet early on in the game, and she plays a very prominent part in the story contained with this newest God of War. It’s an interesting twist on things that sits well with Norse mythology as a whole, and the developers have really done their homework to make things feel authentic within Kratos’ new world.

You’ll run into The Stranger multiple times throughout the game, as he is himself on a quest to hunt down Kratos and Atreus per Odin’s own commandments. It leads to an interesting rivalry between the father and son duo and the invincible god. Now that you know who The Stranger is, learn more about Kratos’ journey with our God of War walkthrough and guide. You can also check out our in-depth guide on how to defeat all bosses in God of War, which we continue to update with new information. 

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