God of War – All Muspelheim Cipher Locations

Follow this guide to track down all four Muspelheim Ciphers and unlock the Muspelheim realm in God of War.

So you want to unlock the Muspelheim Realm in God of War, but you’re having trouble finding those pesky Muspelheim Ciphers. Don’t worry, this guide will help you find all the Musphelheim cipher locations necessary for taking a Bifrost trip to the fiery realm of Muspelheim.

Follow the steps in this guide to find all Muspelheim Cipher locations in God of War and unlock travel to the Muspelheim Realm.

God of War – All Muspelheim Cipher Locations

The Muspelheim Cipher pieces in God of War are found within ornate chests that require both Kratos and Atraus to open. You will not find the Muspelheim Ciphers all in one location. Instead, you will find them as you proceed through the game.

Given this, you may not be able to find some of the Muspelheim Cipher locations if you have not progressed far enough into the main story mission in God of War.

God of War Muspelheim Cipher Locations

Muspelheim Cipher #1 –  Cliffs of the Raven

To find the first Muspelheim Cipher, head to the Cliffs of the Raven along the eastern side of the Lake of Nine. This is also where you will find the buried treasure marked on the Dead and Bloated Treasure Map in God of War.

Dock on shore and pass by the large bloated corpse. On the cliff behind the corpse’s head, toss your axe to break the wooden barrier in a small opening on the cliff face. When Atreus drops the chain down, climb up the chain to reach the platform above. The Muspelheim Cipher piece is found inside the ornate chest on the left.

Muspelheim Cipher #2 – Shores of Nine

The second Muspelheim Cipher can be found while making your way up to The Mountain. To reach The Mountain, you must pass through the doors at the end of the bridge opposite from Brok’s Shop. Once you go through the doors, you will encounter a hallway lined with several toxic braziers. Throw your axe at each brazier to stop them from emitting toxic fumes and make your way through the area.

Continue until you come to a drop off in the caves. There is a Muspelheim Cipher chest ahead in the toxic smoke. Toss your axe at the brazier and prepare to fight off a Tatzelwurm that pops up from underground. After defeating it, throw your axe at the toxic brazier again and open the chest nearby. Inside you will find the second Muspelheim Cipher.

Muspelheim Cipher #3 – Forgotten Caverns

To find the third Muspelheim Cipher in God of War, get in a boat and dock at the Forgotten Caverns along the northwest side of the Lake of Nine. The cipher chest is at the top of a platform along the cliffside, but reaching this platform will differ depending on your progress in the game.

If the water level hasn’t been lowered yet, then simply climb up the chain to the left of the brazier to find the chest up top. If the water level has changed, then you may have to take a longer route to get to the chest. Enter the cave and climb up the wall beside the waterfall. Continue up the path and make your way to the top of the outer cliff. At the top, you will find a chest on the right containing another Muspelheim Cipher piece.

Muspelheim Cipher #4 – The Witch’s Cave

The last Muspelheim Cipher piece can be found in the River Pass region. After you have descended from the summit with Mimir, get in a boat and make your way into the Witch’s Cave located behind the recently eaten statue of Thor. His legs are the only thing visible at this stage of the game. You’ll find the Witch’s Cave entrance at the base of the statue.

Use the elevator and defeat any enemies that await you above. On the right is a passage blocked by pink sap. Have Atreus shoot at the sap with his shock arrows to clear the opening. Enter the passage and turn right to find the chest containing the fourth and final Muspelheim Cipher piece in God of War.

God of War How to Unlock Muspelheim Realm

Travel to the Muspelheim Realm

Now that you have learned all of the Musphelheim Cipher locations in God of War, its time to get out there and retrieve them. Once you have done that, the Muspelheim realm will become available for travel. To visit Muspelheim, simply head to the Realm Table in the Realm Travel Room and select the Muspelheim realm.

Note that there may be more chests that contain cipher pieces as well. Head over to our God of War Walkthrough and Guide for more strategy tips, including where to find all eleven Jotnar Shrines in God of War.

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