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Who Leads Shadow Company in MW2? – Answered

Betrayal always comes.... at a Price

by Daphne Fama
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s campaign is full of action, intrigue, and high stakes on an international level. The Shadow Company, as a private military company, works outside of the boundaries that government-bound agencies and armies are legally bound to. But be careful of reading the information below, as it involves very heavy plot spoilers.

Who Leads Shadow Company in MW2?

And for a large part of the game, Shadow Company and Task 141 work hand-in-hand to take down a series of global threats. From the successful ballistic assassination of General Ghorbrani to the aerial support during a cartel compound raid.

But Shadow Company, as their name might imply, was always keeping Task 141 in the dark. It was Shadow Company’s failure that allowed three American missiles to fall into the hands of terrorists, and Shadow Company’s mysterious leaders were hell-bent on covering up this mistake.

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And there the whole time is Phillip Graves. Yes, the man who was present from the very first mission. Unfortunately, while Philipp Graves was one of Task 141’s earliest allies, Phillip Graves got himself wrapped up in some dark dealings by attempting to sell three stolen missiles. Things went desperately awry when every member of the Shadow Company transporting those missiles was killed, and those missiles were stolen and sold to terrorists. Phillip Graves, desperate to hide his involvement in this extremely traitorous crime, turns on Soap and attempts to kill him with a tank. But Soap really knows how to throw some C4.

The answer to this question comes in handy in the mission El Sin Nombre, where John “Soap” MacTavish infiltrates a cartel mansion and is faced with a list of interrogation questions. Among these questions is “Who leads Shadow Company?” Soap must answer each question correctly or be killed.