Who is the Voice Actor for Alan Wake in Alan Wake 2? – Answered

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The eponymous protagonist of Alan Wake 2 is clearly the game’s biggest star, but who could be the Voice Actor who’s giving life to the main lead in this long-awaited sequel to the classical, sinister 2010 title?

Who Voices Alan Wake in Alan Wake 2?

Matthew Porretta returns as the voice of Alan Wake. Veteran players rejoice! 13 years after lending his voice to the protagonist; he’s back for the sequel and possibly any other future media involving Alan. He’s also been responsible for lending his voice to the character in other Remedy Entertainment titles such as Quantum Break or Control.

Notably, he was also Dr. Casper Darling in Control, aside from lending his voice to the beloved character from the first series again. This gets even funnier, considering how the AWE DLC expansion for the game was basically an Alan Wake title in disguise. He also played minor roles in games like GTA V and Red Dead Online as additional voices.

Outside of the gaming world, he’s also known for his appearances in Beverly Hills, 90210, and Robin Wood: Men in Tights, aside from many other occasional roles in various TV shows such as The Blacklist and CSI: NY.

It just feels good to know that the original VA for Alan is always ready to be back for the sequels, and the same is true for any other characters from Remedy titles you might encounter in this game. Some familiar faces might cross your way eventually, so don’t be surprised by them!

The game is also surprisingly longer than most other titles from them, so get ready to sit down for way longer than usual for this one. Performance shouldn’t be a problem at all, so your experience is most likely going to be great.

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