Who is Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail?

And why is everyone always stalking him all the time?

Luocha from Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Luocha Trailer - "The Traveler And His Oath"

Luocha may have come out with his trailers and teasers for Honkai: Star Rail, but there are still so many questions surrounding who he is, what’s in his coffin, and what kind of impact he’s going to have on the story later on. And based on the characters he’s known in the past as well as what is speculated for the next few updates, even while Luocha is publically available in the game, we likely won’t get all of our answers.

Everything to Know about Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail

He is said to be a traveling merchant and no need to worry about that strange coffin he carries around, he’s only bringing it aboard the Luofu as per order. However, he doesn’t ever really get rid of it, does he? That would leave him without an Ultimate in battle. Very inconvenient. 

From his trailer, we can gather that he does have a secret will that he is intent on carrying out. With oaths and bonds being a very prevalent theme in Honkai: Star Rail thus far, Luocha seems to be no different. He’s protective of the innocent and will step in when help is needed as seen in the events that occurred on the Xianzhou Luofu when the infected soldiers were fighting back. Alongside Sushang, he was willing to help and keep our team healed with his special abilities although we didn’t get the official chance to play him. A bit disappointing, but very reminiscent of guest appearances in traditional RPGs, a detail I very much appreciated!

One of the most popular theories surrounding Luocha is one that Honkai Impact 3rd fans will be very familiar with. Yes, much like Welt, Luocha is surmised to be a character that predates Star Rail in the form of another character named the Void Archives in Honkai Impact. Their complicated history is tied together which is only made all the funnier when Luocha is being suspected and stalked about on the Luofu by March 7th, the Trailblazer and Welt (likely trying to avoid the man). It isn’t confirmed that Luocha does have any ties with Void Archives aside from the fact that they look similar and fans would think that it would be an interesting detail to include later down the line. After all, the fact that Welt is indeed the same man to have come from Honkai Impact 3rd would make it more fascinating if he were not the only one to have journeyed to another universe.

Aside from speculations, Luocha will be of the Imaginary Abundance Path, so as mentioned before, he’ll be a healer. His kit indicates that his healing will be based on Attack and thus will help him provide some damage alongside being a good healer as well. I do love when a healer can pack a punch and keep me alive on the battlefield. We’re only given four characters in the team and there’s no option to drop a health potion in the midst of battle—. 

As part of the rarest element, Luocha is sure to serve you well with his Imaginary damage, his Ultimate including an attack that can be used against enemies. And as a healer, if you don’t have Bailu, then you’ll have someone to exchange with Natasha or another healer for your teams going into the Forgotten Hall. He certainly has a lot of quality-of-life fixes when it comes to filling out the quota for characters I most certainly need. Are you as excited about his debut as I am?

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