Who is Filro the Forgotten in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

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The Underdark is, unsurprisingly, full of Drow. And they have their own little soap opera going on, and no one is a winner. Including Filro the Forgotten, one of the few Drow still left alive. Here’s who Filro the Forgotten is in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who is Filro the Forgotten in BG3?  – Answered

There is no shortage of drow you can stumble upon in the Underdark, each of which has endured a terrible fate. There are petrified drow near the Selunite Outpost, a drow in a prison in the Myconoid Colony, and finally Filro the Forgotten, in a makeshift camp near the Sussur Tree Waypoint.

They all seek one thing: the Adamantine Forge. And only one can be allowed to find it.

Filro the Forgotten is the only surviving drow in this competition, at least until you find him. But he’s not in the right state of mind. After fleeing his drow companions, he takes refuge near the Sussur Tree, as it prevents the other drows from approaching him. But his best form of protection is actually the Hook Horrors you see around him.

These Hook Horrors have adopted Filro the Forgotten into their pack. And if you kill the Hook Horror beside Filro, he’ll exclaim “My love! My joy!” implying that this Hook Horror was actually his mate.

Unfortunately, there’s no normal way to talk to Filro. The only dialogue you’ll get outside of the fight is when he’s singing shanties, but the moment you approach, he’ll become hostile. Thus, the only information you can glean from him is by using the spell or scroll Speak to the Dead on him.

By examining the notes on Filro’s body, you can find his unhinged ravings which reveal some of the dangerous components around the Adamantine Forge, as well as possible locations.

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