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Which Platform Should you Buy Dead Island 2 on? – Answered

Are you booking your trip to Hell-A on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox?

by Grant Testa
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Dead Island 2 has officially launched on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. With five systems to choose from, it can be difficult for multiplatform gamers to make up their mind for where they want to experience the highly anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Dead Island. If you are struggling to determine where you want to play Dead Island 2, here are a few pieces of information to help you narrow down your decision, and choose which platform you should buy the popular zombie RPG on.

Dead Island 2 Best Graphics: PC

For gamers preferable to the best possible graphics, Dead Island 2 reportedly outperforms the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in terms of peak frame rate and resolution. While information is still limited, as the game just launched, Dead Island 2 has been lauded for its graphics on all systems, but particularly on PC.

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Dead Island 2 Multi-Console Gaming: PlayStation or Xbox

If you are someone who owns multiple consoles, such as both a PS4 and PS5, or an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and intend to play Dead Island 2 on both of your previous and current-gen systems of choice, then you would be best served to buy the digital PlayStation or Xbox versions. The base game digital versions of Dead Island 2’s console platforms cost $69.99 for the bundled PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S editions, which essentially provides players with two games for the price of one.

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Dead Island 2 Physical Edition Collectors: PlayStation or Xbox

For collectors who eschew digital editions for tangible, boxed products, then the physical version of Dead Island 2 is clearly the way to go. Since there is no physical PC version, this means that PlayStation and Xbox are the best choices. There are three editions, including the Day One, Pulp, and Hell-A versions, which cost $69.99 for the first two, and $99.99 for the latter physical copy.

Dead Island 2 Trophy/Achievement Hunters: PlayStation or Xbox

For trophy and achievement hunting gamers, Dead Island 2 is best purchased digitally on PlayStation or Xbox consoles. On PC, although the game is exclusive to Epic Games Store and is not available on Steam, it does have an achievement list. Ultimately PC gaming trails consoles in terms of achievement hunting resources and has a much smaller community of dedicated “hunters” in comparison to PlayStation or Xbox. Furthermore, Dead Island 2 has two PlayStation trophy lists, including Platinum trophies on both PS4 and PS5, as well as two achievement lists for its Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions.

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