Which OST Upgrades to Get First in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

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Best OS Tuning Armored Core 6
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Your mech in Armored Core 6 is full of ways to customize every part by default, and early on into the game, OST Upgrades allow you to take your builds even further. In this guide, I’ll cover which OS Tuning options are the best early on and where you should focus your Chips from the starting Arenas.

What Are the Best Early OS Tuning Upgrades in AC6?

The best early OST Upgrades are Quick Turn and Repair Kits in Armored Core 6. Both of these will directly change the most basic fundamentals of survival in the game. Nearly all the OS Tuning options have some good reasons to apply Chips, but they aren’t all immediately necessary like these two are.

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Quick Turn is cheap to unlock at only one Chip and it allows you to instantly turn in a single direction with the press of a button. Instead of having to make a 180 with heavy boosters, you can tap Circle/B and push LS/L3 in the direction you want to turn. Having this movement allows you to escape deadly attacks or chase elusive enemies with much more precision.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Then there is the Repair Kits OST Upgrade, which serves as your main healing upgrade. Repair Kits are essentially your Estus Flask in Armored Core 6. Each tier of Repair Kits – Optimization will make your repairs more effective. Considering how weak they can be, getting this upgrade early on is a literal life saver.

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Best Early OST Upgrades in Armored Core 6:

  • Quick Turn: Unlocks the Quick Turn feature, allowing the AC to perform snap turns to side or rear directions.
  • Repair Kits – Optimization: Improves the AC’s ability to scan for damage, boosting the effectiveness of Repair Kits. Up to +2,000 with all upgrade tiers.
  • Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning: Improves the precision of attacks against staggered enemies, increasing damage dealt by direct hits.

The last early OS Tuning option you should get is the Direct Hit Modifier. So many OS Tuning options are specific to builds, and that can help if you know exactly what you want, but an upgrade that hurts staggered enemies is always good. Staggering is the name of the game in AC6, and more damage to that state is better for everyone.

On the topic of builds, make sure you know how to save loadouts in Armored Core 6 to save yourself some time in the Garage.

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