Where to Use the Mini-Neutron Bomb in Honkai: Star Rail

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Star Rail Mini Neutron Bomb Featured

Honkai: Star Rail is far from being an open-world game, but there are plenty of minor objectives in different areas that make for a similar experience. Finding hidden items that start mini-quests is a very common occurrence here, and such is the case with the Mini-Neutron Bomb.

This item has been around since the game’s debut, but it was only in version 1.2, with the introduction of a new area, that we finally had a chance to use it somewhere. Hopefully we don’t kill anyone with it.

Where to Get and Use the Mini-Neutron Bomb in Star Rail

You first stumble across this dangerous package at the Central Starskiff Haven, at the western corner of the map. Interact with the boxes to get the bomb in your inventory. It won’t explode in your hands, don’t worry. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

Now that you have it, head for the Alchemy Commission to deliver it to its (possible) final destination, which is next to a Navigation Compass puzzle as indicated in the image below.

Star Rail Mini Neutron Bomb Deliver
Screenshot by Prima Games

As soon as you arrive at this spot, you’ll receive a message from Jing Yuan. The message might not appear if you haven’t completed all of the Trailblaze Missions yet, so make sure you’re up to date with those. 

Anyway, the General explains how you should deal with the bomb package, and you have two options: 

  • 1 – To safely deliver it to Qingzu at the Seat of Divine Foresight in Cloudfort or;
  • 2 – To get rid of it by throwing it at the ocean right now.

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You can throw it by approaching the shiny dot directly in front of you after receiving the General’s message. You’ll be rewarded in the same manner regardless of your choice. But if you’re really curious about what path you should take, here are the resolutions:

If You Deliver the Package to Qingzu

Star Rail Mini Neutron Bomb Ending 1
A bombastic resolution | Image via Mobile Game Youtube Channel

Head to the Seat of Divine Foresight in Cloudford and speak with Qingzu. She’ll thank you for delivering the dangerous package, and as soon as you’re about to receive your reward…BOOM! The screen turns to black and you awake back at the Alchemy Commission.

Oh, don’t worry. No one’s actually hurt. The box was just a prank explosion, but you got scared to death by its noise and fainted, so they had Bailu take care of you. She explains the situation, and you find out that the responsible for the prank was none other than Sampo Koski.

How is he in the Xianzhou? And how did he know you would pick up the box?? Who the hell is this guy actually? As always, more questions than answers. At least you get 3 Praise of High Morals as a reward for your efforts.

If You Throw the Package At the Seas

Star Rail Mini Neutron Bomb Ending 2
Eco-terrorism at its finest | Screenshot by Prima Games

The game advises you not to do it. Like, it really pushes you not to. This is just too reckless, even for you. It goes to the point that, in order to actually throw the package at the ocean, you’ll need to spend 6 Praise of High Morals.  Ouch. Well, you’ll need to use them sooner or later, so use them (if you have enough) to conclude this step.

The narrator is kind enough to give you 3 Praise of High Morals back, so you only lose 3 in total. You still need to go to the Seat of Divine Foresight for completing the mini-quest. Head there and explain the whole situation to Qingzu. She’ll thank you for solving the crisis and reward you with an Immortal’s Delight food item. No jumpscares this time!

The Seat’s location | Screenshot by Prima Games

Regardless of your ending, you’ll get the How I Learned to Stop Worry achievement in the process, as well as those 3 Praises while you’re at it. You might even get the Saint achievement if you haven’t yet, which requires you to get 20 Praises of High Morales. There are plenty of locations to use them, so you might as well collect them along the way.

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