Locations to Use Praise of the High Morals for Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

Get the most for your good karma

Honkai: Star Rail has been out for a while and you may have noticed that there is this really strange item that you occasionally get when you’re out exploring and messing with trashcans you shouldn’t. Praise of the High Morals looks like a bunch of trophies that you can just build up on and collect, but did you know that there are actually several places where you can use these items to get rewards and achievements? Here are the locations where you should be taking your Praise of the High Morals. 

Locations to Use Praise of the High Morals in Honkai: Star Rail


LocationDescriptionRelated Achievements
Administrative District F2, Central PlazaCollect the coins at the fountain, up to Five TimesThe Kelly Gang
Boulder TownInvestigate a dumpster near Turner’s Food Stall and choose to “Temper it”[N/A]
Boulder TownScribble on a paper hanging out of a dumpster in the southwestern part of Boulder Town[N/A]
Administrative District F1, Cable Car StationInvestigate the suitcase on the bridge between the cable car platforms. Choose to believe that it is not actually a bomb.Hurt Locker
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The Xianzhou Luofu

LocationDescriptionRelated Achievements
Central Starskiff Haven at Jetty Space AnchorInvestigate the open scroll on a lone table. Closing the scroll will get you a Praise of High Morals, 10 Strale, and 1000 Credits. Continue to Open Pop-Ups will get you 10 Strale and 1000 Credits.[N/A]
Exalting Sanctum in Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery.Communicate with the Immortal in a Vase a day after communicating with it the first time. Choose to either obtain or refuse its gift for the corresponding achievement. Far From the Madding Crowd or Let the Wind Blow Where It May
References Gathered from Honkai: Star Rail Fandom Wiki

What Are Praise of the High Morals?

This peculiar item can be found in just about the oddest of places and for doing the strangest of things. Usually, things that reflect on your good conscience for deeds that you do around Honkai: Star Rail whether that be ensuring mail gets delivered properly by not falling out of the mailbox and many more items. You can usually trigger events again after leaving investigated items alone for a few days so you can actually begin collecting these for future uses in other areas! These types of actions are part of the reason why Honkai: Star Rail really prevails in adhering to traditional RPG rules. By being curious and investigating the world around you, you can be rewarded for basic actions as long as you do them with good intentions and not just to troll yourself later.

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