Where to Use Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail

They haven't forgot that those exist!

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Despite being introduced back at the game’s release, players couldn’t find a single use for the various Ancient Coins they might have gathered during their journey in Honkai: Star Rail. But almost six months later, we finally got a dedicated shop to spend them! And it’s quite easy to find too, so here’s where you can use this previously-unusable currency.

Where to Spend Ancient Coins in Honkai: Star Rail

Ancient Coins can be exchanged with Lynx at the Outlying Snow Plains in Jarilo-VI. The girl will be standing right next to a teleport, and she’s hard to miss once you enter the area. Speak with her, and she’ll start dealing with you exclusively in Ancient Coins, which aren’t accepted anywhere else in the game.


Lynx will only be stationed here after completing her Companion Mission “Farther than the Snowplains.” She can appear here so you can challenge her during the Aetherium Wars event, but she’ll be gone after beating her if you haven’t done her mission yet.

True to her explorer nature, she sells a few survivability-enhancing Food items, as well as the recipe for the Snow Plains Combo Stew, for a small price of three Ancient Coins. Her goods are restocked every week on Mondays, and they are quite cheap if you want to get them all.

Ancient Coins are found exclusively in Belobog by breaking destroyable items around the maps. Any item will do, and it has a chance of wielding a random amount of Ancient Coins alongside some Credits. Most of the time, you’ll only get some Solid Water, though.

After getting the Combo Stew recipe, you’ll only need to keep visiting Lynx if you feel like cooking some of it since it uses both of the other food items she sells. It does have a more powerful effect than both of them combined, so it’s more than worth it. It doesn’t have any achievement associated with it, but extra buffs are always welcome.

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