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Where to Get the Life Orb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Your life might depend on it

by Patrick Souza

Losing part of your HP each turn is not as bad as you think if you get a good advantage for it. That’s why Life Orb is such a good item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet even with its detrimental effect. It boosts the damage of your moves by 30% at the cost of losing 10% of your own health right after you attack.

It’s mainly seen in competitive battles, but it has many uses in more regular play or in those complicated 7-star Tera Raids that will need you to give it all for beating and catching the featured ‘mon.  So if you ever need it, here’s how to get it.

Where to Find Life Orb in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The infinite, easier way to get Life Orb is to buy it at Delibird Presents in Mesagoza. It costs 50000 Poke Dollars and will only be available after completing all Gyms and their respective story Quests. This will probably be way late into the game, which justifies the high price.

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You can buy as many as you want (and your wallet allows you), but there’s also a limited, one-time Life Orb you can grab in the open world. You can find it on a small island on the left side of the Casseroya Lake on the western side of Paldea. Make sure you grab it when you face the False Dragon Titan.

Aside from these two locations, there are no other Life Orbs you can find in the game, but these are more than enough for this item. 

In competitive battles which will usually end quickly, this item is perfect for securing some early KOs and snowballing your way into victory, but be careful as your opponent can simply outspeed you and knock you out instead. For this reason, fast Pokemon or Pokemon with access to priority moves such as Extreme Speed are the best choices for using it.

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