Where to Get the Hydro Traveler Constellations in Genshin Impact

Traveler used Hydro Gun - It's super effective!

Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Constellations Featured

Its status as Genshin Impact’s protagonist makes the Traveler special when compared to others, like being able to freely change their element. The newest Hydro iteration might not be as powerful as the previous Dendro was, but it’s still a new, different character that you might wanna build sooner or later. Its six constellations are also free, and that’s a huge incentive. Here’s how to get all of the Hydro Traveler’s constellations.

How to Get the Hydro Traveler’s Constellations

Just like in other regions, you can get the Traveler’s constellations items, the Memory of Running Stream, through two distinct methods, both involving exploring the region in its entirety. As of 4.0, the Hydro Traveler can go up to C2.

1 – Fontaine Archon Quests

The first constellation you might run into is obtained right after completing the 4.0 Fontaine Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act II “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason”. Once this chapter is done, a free constellation is given out as a prize for your hard work.

2 – Fontaine Statue of the Seven

Genshin Impact Hydro Traveler Constellations Statue
Screenshot by Prima Games

As a reward for gathering Hydroculus from all corners of the region, players can get up to 3 Memories of Running Stream for offering those to the region’s Statue. The Constellations are given out on Levels 3, 5, and 7. Since we cannot get past Level 4 during the launch Fontaine patch, we’re stuck on only getting a single Constellation out of it.

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The other two remaining constellations aren’t available in-game yet, and since the Fountain of Lucine doesn’t give them out either, those are expected to be given out for completing the upcoming Archon Quests in the next following updates. 

Its constellations give it some interesting extra boosts, such as allowing it to work both as a battery and a healer for the team. But despite all that, the sheer uniqueness of the Dendro Traveler might still make it the prime choice for most teams. But that doesn’t mean the Hydro Traveler is useless by any means, even if it’s more of a niche pick.

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