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Where to Get Snapdragon in Genshin Impact

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by Patrick Souza

Constantly growing next to rivers and other regions, Snapdragons are a common ingredient in Genshin Impact required in its almost infinite dishes and recipes. Some events and activities will ask you to offer a few of those to proceed, which can be a hindrance if you’re running low on them. Not everyone is grabbing everything they see 24/7.

But they’re luckily not that hard to get, and you can easily get all of those you want within a few minutes of exploring, especially if you know exactly where you should be heading. And we’ll tell you where you should be going right now.

Where to Find Snapdragon in Genshin Impact

Those flowers are naturally found in Mondstadt and Liyue, the game’s first two regions. They’ll always be hanging around rivers or seas, so when in doubt, just search for your nearest source of water and you’ll probably find a few of them.

Here are the main methods to gather Snapdragons:

1 – Exploration

Visiting the aforementioned spots in the regions will guarantee you find those flowers. They’ll respawn every three days, so you’ll need to wait a bit if you ever need more of them. Here are their locations in Mondstadt.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

You can even find a few more of them by going a little bit more to the north.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

Liyue also yields lots of good spots for Snapdragons, especially near its entry points and Wuwang Hill.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

You can also head to Jueyun Karst to grab tons of those at once. Keep exploring/teleporting a bit if you want a few extra units.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

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2 – Buying from Shops

Screenshot by Prima Games

Flora’s sister Chloris can be found in Windrise, and her shop offers various flowers that can be found in Mondstadt. She sells up to 10 Snapdragons for 280 Mora each and her stock is replenished every three days.

3 – Expeditions

Liyue offers an Expedition point that yields Snapdragon as one of its main prizes. If you happen to have any of the characters with Liyue Expedition-related passives (Yelan, Shenhe, Keqing or Chongyun), make sure you’re sending one of them to grab your thingies.

4 – Harvesting

Lastly, you can also grow Snapdragons on your Teapot. Equip the Seed Dispenser gadget when gathering Snapdragons in the overworld to get their Seeds as an extra. You can then use them in the appropriate Soils to grow your Snapdragons. You don’t need to water them and they’ll be ready in about three days.

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