Where to Get Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact

Honestly, Genshin should have an equippable flower crown at this point…

Liyue shouldn’t be overlooked just because Sumeru is all the rage nowadays. There are reruns of characters returning native to the region who are going to need some native specialties in order to ascend. Silk Flowers are just one of the many beautiful types of flowers that exist in Genshin Impact and here’s what you need to know in order to farm them.

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Where to Get Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact

Hilariously enough, this flora existed in a time when you didn’t need to travel to eight to ten different places around the map to try and find them. I’m looking at you, Kalpalata Lotus, and Qingxin. Would you actually believe it if we told you that there are only two places where you need to farm these Silk Flowers?

They can be identified by their stark contrast of a fuchsia red inflorescence where you pick up two Silk Flowers for each cluster you come across. 

Wangshu Inn

For your farming route, you can start on the outside of the Wangshu Inn where hidden in partitions of umbrellas, you can spot the distinctive red flora amongst the usual greenery of Liyue. Starting just north of the gates, you can travel south, zigzagging your way across the pathway. In the main lawn area, there are a total of four to five bushes where you can find additional bushes before the trail of Silk Flowers ends right at the second bridge of the Inn. 

Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor

The next area is going to be at Yujing Terrace in Liyue. At the highest peak of the city of Liyue, where the Rite of Descension and the Cooking Competition with Xiangling were held, is where we can often find Madam Ping and Silk Flowers. Planted around the area, you can find about six inflorescences around this area behind needing to travel north to the waterfall to find one more. 

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Tips and Tricks For Finding Liyue Items

You aren’t alone in trying to find out where these items are, marking them off your internal map to make sure you haven’t missed any. Did you know that there are characters available in Genshin Impact who can make finding items distinct to a region a lot easier to find and farm?

One of which helps with finding Silk Flowers is Yanfei. Each character has a Passive Talent that doesn’t need the character to be leveled up or ascended in order to access. Yanfei’s Encyclopedic Expertise activates whenever she is in the party, indicating on the mini-map where resources unique to Liyue are. Using this addition can help you speed along and make sure you aren’t missing any resources when hunting. 

Similar to Yanfei, Ningguang has Trove of Marvelous Treasures. While it isn’t a specialty unique to Liyue, having her on the party will help you find veins of Ore that can be farmed. Icons on the mini-map will be displayed every time you come in proximity to something that can be collected. 

Keep an eye out for your character’s passives to see what Talents you may be overlooking to help make your hunts a lot easier!

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