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Where to Find Wolfhooks in Genshin Impact

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by Patrick Souza
Wolfhooks Genshin Impact Featured

The struggle of getting materials for ascending a character in Genshin Impact gets real when they’re scattered all around the map. Fortunately, Wolfhooks are the complete opposite of that, with the downside of not having many of them hanging around. At least you won’t struggle with getting all of the ones available on the map.

So if you’re leveling a character like Razor or anyone else that might use them, you shouldn’t have a hard time gathering those purple pointy fruity thingies. And in order to make that task even easier, here’s where you can find Wolfhooks in the game.

All Wolfhook Locations in Genshin Impact

Wolfhooks are a Mondstadt Local Specialty, and as suggested by their name, they’re exclusively found in Wolvendom, next to the Lupus Boreas Weekly Boss. Don’t expect to find many of them, though. You should grab all of them on your map in less than three minutes, and most of that time will be spent climbing up some rocks.

All Wolfhooks in Wolvendom

Use Klee in your team if you have her, as her passive will show you nearby Mondstadt specialties with the white hand icon in the minimap. Get the indicated Waypoint and you’ll meet the items along the road.

Wolfhook Locations Wolvendom
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After grabbing all of them, you’ll have to wait for three days for them to respawn in your world. Alternatively, you can ask someone to let you grab them in their world through multiplayer. Not many characters use Wolfhooks as ascension items, so most people won’t care if you grab theirs.

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Buying Wolfhooks in Windrise

While exploring the Windrise area in Mondstadt, you might encounter the traveling merchant Chloris, a young girl who sells you some of the region’s specialties. You can visit her every three days to buy 5 Wolfhooks for 1000 Mora each. If you’re lacking just a bit of them, she’s the place you should go.

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There are currently no other places or methods to obtain Wolfhooks as they’re not harvestable from your Teapot, so you’ll have to stick with those for a while. While it can take a while for getting enough hooks for a full ascension, you can get other materials, Talent Books, and artifacts for your character in the meanwhile, as all of those also demands lots of time.

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