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Where to Get Glaze Lilies in Genshin Impact

If only we could recreate a field of Glaze Lilies in Liyue once again..

by Jordan Lemons

The Glaze Lily in Genshin Impact has had many an appearance in the story, both in the Character Story Quests and in the Lantern Rite Festival. Once a common sight to see all across Liyue, this flower is now one of the rarest within Liyue due to its near extinction after the Archon War. 

When traveling across Liyue presently, you’ll find that this special type of Lily that only blooms at night for those with lovely voices can only be found sparingly around Qingce Village. They’re also in the city of Liyue, where Madam Ping planted them in Yujing Terrace. 

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Where to Find Glaze Lilies in Genshin Impact

The Glaze Lily is a peculiar flower both in the open world and in the story. It’s a flower that only blooms at night otherwise remains closed for the duration of the day. Baby blue, its closed petals resemble a tulip until it can be seen in its true beauty and splendor upon bloom. During a quest in which the Traveler was asked to pick some special specimens, they were told to sing to the Lily to obtain the best variant. But as it happens, the Traveler may not be the best in maintaining octaves and might just be the most tone-deaf character in the world.

Qingce Village

It is very easy to miss this flora when exploring Qingce Village. Blended in with the fields of rice, occasionally you’ll spot an out of place blue flower. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about exploring the village as they’ll only appear in the fields. Dodging around the Geo Slimes and Boars, there are plenty of flowers you should be able to pick up in this area. Starting in the largest area of farm fields, it’s easy to sprint across the small mounds while picking flowers up to the hill where the stray farmhouse is. 

Making your way down south across the river, you should be able to spot a few more flowers before having to move on to the next area. Spread out a little more south of Qingce Village, there are still more to be found. It helps to have an Anemo spirit you back and forth across the river or have a Cryo character out to protect your feet and save yourself a swim.

Yujing Terrace

As you’ll learn exploring and talking to people in the city of Liyue, you’ll come across an elderly woman named Madam Ping. She’s the source that’ll grant you access to the Serenitea Pot as well as the one who, in order to combat the extinction of the Glaze Lilies, planted them around Yujing Terrace and cares for them to ensure their vitality. 

Sure enough, Glaze Lilies can be seen in various areas around Liyue City, both among the city, but most clustered in the garden where Madam Ping is located. Further specimens can still be found by traveling around the waterfall mountain located next to the Yujing building.

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Tips and Tricks for Finding Items in Regions

To help make for a speedy hunt, using Yanfei to track down Liyue specialties (thanks to her Passive) will point out items in your mini-map where you may have missed a Lily or two. Characters will occasionally come with a Passive that does not cost leveling or ascending that specified character in order to use it. While some characters can speed up or increase the amount of items when it comes to Crafting, others can drop more items such as Wood or Ore whenever they are used. Be sure to check your character’s Passives to make sure you aren’t missing out on making a hard job easier for you!

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