Where to Get Magical Rasp in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

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Star Ocean Second Story R Magical Rasp Featured

Throwing yourself into Customization in Star Ocean: The Second Story R is a no-way-back trip as you start crafting some really powerful weapons out of simple materials. But to increase your overall success rate, you need to have a certain item known as the Magical Rasp, and here’s how you get this one.

Where to Buy the Magical Rasp in Star Ocean Second Story R

Magical Rasp is obtained in Energy Nede in the secret For a Few Fol More shop. It costs over 200000 Fol (depending on your upgraded Specialties) and it’s available as soon as you get yourself the Psynard. For a Few Fol More doesn’t show up on the World Map, so you gotta find it and visit it once before you can fast-travel there.

For a Few Fol More is located on a secluded island directly south of Princebridge. Fly there with you Psynard and start looking for a few islands next to the border of the map. There’s a Treasure Chest to be opened on the island, so you know you’re in the right place if you see it.

  • Star Ocean Second Story R Magical Rasp Shop Location
  • Star Ocean Second Story R Magical Rasp Location

Once you’re here, walk around the trees until you find the entrance to the hidden shop area. If you played Star Ocean First Departure before, you’ll notice the small nod to Welch’s house in the woods. The area is a simple road with a hut at the end, where the single vendor awaits you.

All of the vendor’s goods are quite expensive here, so use Group Appraising to lower his prices to a more affordable range. Money shouldn’t be a problem at this point of the game if you haven’t neglected the Replication Specialty, but no harm in saving some extras here.

What Does the Magical Rasp Do in Star Ocean Second Story R?

The Magical Rasp increases your success rate for both the Customizing Specialty and the Blacksmith Super Specialty. It also unlocks “Use Tool” in Blacksmith, allowing you to create even more powerful items from regular minerals. These items have a high chance of coming with Factors already attached and have useful effects like nullifying Paralysis or Petrification.

This ends up making them very useful for the Four Fields portion of the game, which starts directly after you get the Psynard. The Fields contain many enemies that inflict said statuses, so having some extra protection saves you from a lot of headaches, especially in Universe difficulty. But you can always tune it down if you feel like it.

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