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Where to Get Leftovers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Healthier than anything I've ever cooked

by Patrick Souza

One of the most iconic staple items in Pokemon games will always be the Leftovers. First introduced all the way back in Generation II, the possibly-not-so-tasty half-eaten apples will constantly heal your Pokemon by 1/16 of its HP each turn, making it always a good call during a regular journey and even more when attempting a Nuzlocke run.

And they couldn’t leave us without an easy way to get those in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the fastest-selling games of all time in the franchise. The Leftovers are in those games as well and trainers will have no problems getting across them.

Where to Get Leftovers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Like most battle items in those games, the Leftovers can be bought in the Delibird Presents stores, specifically the one in Cascarrafa. You can buy the item as soon as you get in the store at the steep price of 20,000 Poke Dollars. Since you may want to use it in multiple Pokemon for your team, you can buy as many of them as your money allows you.

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But if you think it’s ridiculous to pay such a high price for rotting fruit, you can find a free unit hidden in the city of Medali. If you visit its amphitheater, you can find some street food vendors next to a corner. You can find an item between two of those (one of them will announce its delicious skewers), which is precisely your so-desired Leftovers.

They cannot be found anywhere else in the game aside from those two sources, so if you ever need to get more of those, be ready to open your wallet. Many items can be more useful for competitive battles, but Leftovers are never a bad choice, so when in doubt, just stick to eating them. Lots of Pokemon have done that for over 20 years by now, and none died until now, so they must be safe…right?

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