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Where to Get a Thunder Spear in Fortnite

Explosive armaments.

The Attack on Titan X Fortnite crossover event has begun, and there are more than just a few character skins that have entered the Battle Royale. Along with Eren Jaeger, players can utilize the iconic ODM Gear and the Thunder Spear weapons if they can manage to find them.

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Like so many other crossover weapons that have been temporarily added to Fortnite, finding them won’t be the most difficult task in the world, but there are designated locations that can help you on your quest. Our guide will cover everything you need to know about the Thunder Spears.

Fortnite X Attack on Titan – Where to Find a Thunder Spear

As a Mythic rarity weapon, explosive spears should be more difficult to find. However, as an event item, you’ll be able to find them in chests or as ground loot in some cases if you’re lucky enough. Searching around the castle section of the map, such as Anvil Square, seems to be the best bet for finding Attack on Titan items.

Your best chance of finding a Thunder Spear is to search the new Scout Regiment Footlockers. These aren’t time-gated, and you can typically find them in random spots around the Fortnite map. However, one Scout Regiment Footlocker is guaranteed to spawn in the Jaeger Family Basement in Anvil Square.

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When you get a hold of a set of Thunder Spears in Fortnite, they are best used for structures rather than on enemies. They will only dish out around 80 damage with full contact and an explosion. The goal should be destroying structures, like the port-a-bunker, and dealing damage on the other side of the wall.

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