Where to Find the Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor in Lords of the Fallen

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Lords of the Fallen Antique Hallowed Armor Set
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Lords of the Fallen has a gothic-horror aesthetic that fits perfectly with the Soulslike genre. It’s like a modern-day Bloodborne in terms of setting and mood, and the dark and despair genuinely shine through. But for me, it’s the armor and weapons that captivate most. You have two-handed swords wrapped in barbed wire and chain mail armor stained with blood and bile. It’s metal. Here is how to get the Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Get the Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor in Lords of the Fallen

Starting out at the Vestige of Blind Agatha, or Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom, tucked away inside a cave just past the worst portion of Pilgrim’s Perch, you’ll want to head deeper into the cave system. You will immediately stumble upon a small group of enemies, including a few of those stumpy casters that prove more than a pain. Slay them all, and note the pool of water beside the path. You do not want to fall inside, or it’s instant death.

Instead, finish clearing the room and then use your Umbral Lamp to enter Umbral. You’ll note the pool of water is now empty and reveals a staircase leading to the right. You must jump down, dealing with the occasional zombie and pixie creatures as they spawn, and continue following this newfound path upward.

Eventually, you will hit a temple-like structure built into the rock. It’s adorned with a fire pit and statues, and you’ll spot a chest in the far left corner.

Inside is the Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor.

From there, I don’t know if I missed a hidden path, but I found the only way back to the main route was jumping from the nearby ledge back down into the cave system. You want to aim for the spot where you fought the casters.

Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor Stats

The Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor Set comes with three pieces: Helm, Armor, and Sleeves.

Antique Hallowed Sentinel Helm

  • Type: Medium Head
  • Weight: 8.7
  • Damage Mitigation
    • Physical: 48
    • Holy: 46
    • Fire: 47
    • Wither:42
  • Resistances
    • Smite: 21
    • Bleed: 32
    • Burn: 33
    • Ignite: 23
    • Frostbite: 21
    • Poison: 30

Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armour

  • Type: Medium Torso
  • Weight: 25.1
  • Damage Mitigation
    • Physical: 155
    • Holy: 128
    • Fire: 129
    • Wither: 113
  • Resistances
    • Smite: 51
    • Bleed: 77
    • Burn: 80
    • Ignite: 54
    • Frostbite: 49
    • Poison: 71

Antique Hallowed Sentinel Sleeves

  • Type: Medium Arms
  • Weight: 7.8
  • Damage Mitigation
    • Physical: 46
    • Holy: 37
    • Fire: 38
    • Wither: 33
  • Resistances
    • Smite: 13
    • Bleed: 20
    • Burn: 21
    • Ignite: 14
    • Frostbite: 13
    • Poison: 18

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