Where to Find Talisa Whisperbloom in WoW: Dragonflight

The bloom whisperer

The Emerald Dream is finally here, and with it comes a bustling bounty of NPCs who are eager to sell you all sorts of stuff. One such NPC is Talisa Whisperbloom, who trades in Seedbloom currency for all sorts of cool stuff. Let’s see where to find her and what she sells.

Talisa Whisperbloom Location in WoW’s Emerald Dream

Talisa is found in the Central Encampment of the Emerald Dream, standing just to the left of the “inn.” Her exact location is [50, 62] if you’re keen on coordinates. Otherwise, you can check the minimap below for a better idea of where to find her.

For info on how to get to the Emerald Dream for the first time, check out the guide below:

She’s standing somewhat unassumingly near a glowing rock. But don’t be fooled by her muted attire – she sells the cream of the crop as far as collectibles go. She’ll offer you the ability to buy the recolored transmog, mounts, and pets, all of which are otherwise found in Dreamseed bounties. All of her wares cost 1 Seedbloom. The price is low, but the currency isn’t easy to get.

How to get Seedbloom in WoW

To get more Seedbloom, you’ll need to accept Talisa’s quest once per week, ‘Blooming Dreamseeds.’ This tasks you with planting five Dreamseeds of any rarity around the Emerald Dream and rewards you with a precious Seedbloom currency.

You can think of Seedbloom as “bad luck protection.” Once your rank is high enough with the Dream Wardens, you can spend it on any mounts, pets, or transmog you want but weren’t lucky enough to get from the seeds themselves. If you’re unsure what a Dreamseed is, check out our complete Dreamseed guide.

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