Where to Find Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact

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Sakura Blooms are one of the easiest things to find in Inazuma of Genshin Impact, the only trick around them was figuring out how to collect them. Of course, this mystery is no longer so grand in light of the many that exist in the game, but these beautiful flower petals can come in handy for several reasons. Here’s where to find Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact.

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What are Sakura Blooms Used For in Genshin Impact?

Sakura Blooms have many uses in Genshin Impact. First and foremost, they are used to ascend the Kamisato Siblings: Ayaka and Ayato, but after collecting them for those characters, you may not want to stop your farming. Sakura Blooms are also great for specific cooking recipes as well. You can make Sakura Mochi, Sakura Shrimp Crackers, Sakura Tempura, and Tricolor Dango at any Cooking Station. Along with the exclusive characters such as Ayato, Ayaka, and Yoimiya, you can get Speciality dishes as well which will boost the stats of the corresponding meals.

Along with cooking, Sakura Blooms are also used for fishing. Combined with Horsetail, they can make 10 Fake Fly Bait that you can then take out fishing for achievements and an easy way to get fish rather than just jumping into a pool and catching. They are also used to make Electroculus Resonance Stones. These require much more than just Sakura Blooms, but they’ll indicate on the map where any leftover Electroculus’ remain on the map. Though newer updates have made these expendable so you’ll need to craft many if you have more than one Electroculus to hunt for. 

Where to Find Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact?

Having had to farm for Ayato and THEN Ayaka, I’ll let you know, I got some routes down. You can make your runs in as little as three to four Teleportation Waypoints. Being one of the staples around Narukami Island, this is actually the only place that you have to worry about when running around for these little bundles. Naturally, you’re going to want to bring along an Electro user who can replenish their energy fast and reach high places since some Sakura Blooms like to float. 

Route One: Along the Coast

The longest route you’re bound to travel is going to be along the beach. Starting first at the Waypoint in Inazuma City, if you travel to the Raiden Shogun’s Estate, you should be following a curve of Sakura Blooms all the way down the mountain and into the village at the foot of the city. Don’t forget to climb the Sakura Tree in the middle of the village since it’ll have additional Blooms up in its branches. 

Thankfully, the island is quite small, so a quick zigzag all around the lower island will lead you back around to the beach after pinballing through the fields of Narukami. Then it’s just a matter of taking the path to the forest all the way to the Kamisato Estate where there will be a few select Blooms outside of the manor.

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Route Two: On Top of the Mountain

Your best chance after this is to tackle the mountain, either making your way up from the Kamisato estate or teleporting to the top of the mountain, and start working your way down. Either way, you’re more than likely to double back a couple of times since Sakura Blooms are much more abundant here as the Narukami Tree is a Sakura Bloom. This is the cause of most of these drops. I personally like to continue up from the Kamisato Estate to the mountain up until the Teleport Puzzle and then take the Waypoint at the top of the mountain and gather the Sakura Blooms there. Mostly because it makes it easier to converge the paths since the last area you’re bound to go is into the ground if you’ve completed that part of the puzzle. Down in the depths, you are sure to find Onikabuto Beetles and Sakura Blooms Galore. It doesn’t hurt that there are also a few floating Crystalflies as well.

Route Three: Around the Moutain

After that, it’s best to climb your way back up or teleport to the Forest so you can go around the lower tiers of the mountain. These Sakura Blooms are spread a bit further than the rest of them so the route isn’t as bountiful, but it’ll land you near the Ruins where you’ll pick the last of your bounty!

Route Four: The Ruins 

The smallest and easiest area to collect all of the Sakura Blooms, they are dotted around the ruins and as long as you’re prepared to go up against some Mechanics and a big boy Ruin Golem, then you’re set. 

These routes can get you plenty of Sakura Blooms and, within a week of farming, you should have enough to ascend characters Ayaka and Ayato. After that, Sakura Blooms serve up some great recipes for cooking as well as crafting.

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