Starfield Safe House Gamma Hallway
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Where to Find Safe House Gamma in Starfield

Just ignore the incessant knocking.

Starfield features a lot of unique content mixed in with its procedurally generated points of interest, so it’s important to sift through the chaff to find the jewels. If you learn where to find Safe House Gamma in Starfield, then you’re in for a wild ride!

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Where is Safe House Gamma in Starfield?

Starfield Safe House Gamma Cavern
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can find Safe House Gamma in Starfield by visiting Andromas II, the second planet in the Andromas Star System just to the north of Cheyenne and Narion. It’s a beautiful planet, filled with flora and fauna, along with a handful of procedurally generated points of interest. But Safe House Gamma is unique. It’s a handcrafted dungeon with a story to tell.

Unfortunately, that story is rather terrifying.

How to Clear Safe House Gamma

Starfield Terrormorph at Safe House Gamma
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The moment you step foot in Safe House Gamma, you’ll note the incessant knocking sound echoing down the hallway. I nearly turned tail and ran out the door, but I raised my Drum Beat and slowly walked down the hall, my head on a swivel. At the very end, a single Heat Leech. If you know anything about Heat Leeches, then you understand my trepidation to continue.

In the last room, at the end of the hallway, is a generator with a single button. I foolishly clicked that button before exploring further. If I had done the latter first, I would have found a note explaining the noise keeps “them” away.

It turns out “them” refers to a Terrormorph living in the cavern at the opposite end of the hall. You likely passed by the cave when you came down the stairs. Inside, a single Terrormorph lurks in the depths, but she appears trapped inside the cave itself. You can stand at the mouth of the cavern and take potshots to take the monster down.

But to defeat one Terrormorph is nothing. As you leave Safe House Gamma, it turns out the planet is home to multiple Terrormorphs, and the knocking kept them all back. You’ll wind up in a fight for your life as another Terrormorph scales the cliffside ahead and races at you.

If you want to deal with Terrormorphs without losing your footing mid-battle, we recommend the UC Antixeno Spacesuit! It’s tailor-made for this type of fight!

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