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Where to Find Red Algae in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Love it when my fish is holding the crafting item I need

by Daphne Fama
Disney Dreamlight Valley Crab Fishing

The long awaited updated for Disney Dreamlight Valley is here, and players will be thrilled to finally see some of their favorite Pixar characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. But as players explore all that Disney Dreamlight Valley has to offer, they might find themselves wondering one thing in particular: where can I find Red Algae?

Where to Find Red Algae in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Red Algae is a new item added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it’s a necessary component if you want to make the also new Miracle Fishing Bait.

Once you’ve started your Missions in the Uncharted Space update, Merlin will greet you. He’s learned three new potions, each of which has the potential to improve one of your essential tools: your shovel, pickaxe, and fishing rod.

But you’re going to have to do a little legwork if you want to obtain the Miracle Fishing Bait (or the Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait). Red Algae is an integral component, which is a crafting material that doesn’t seem to have a guaranteed drop.

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Instead, you’re going to have to head to your closest body of water. Similar to Rich Soil, which you’ll gain when you’re harvesting your crops, Red Algae will appear when you’re fishing. If you catch a fish, there’s even an opportunity for it to sparkle and drop the crafting item directly.

While all bodies of water will likely drop Red Algae, it’s confirmed that it will appear at Dazzling Beach. To increase the likelihood of you finding Red Algae while you fish, use the Miracle Fishing Bait enchantment Merlin will teach you. When this enchantment is applied to your fishing rod, your odds of finding rarer things is improved.

With or without the enchantment, you’ll get that Algae eventually, so just keep fishing!

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