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Where to Find Mourning Flowers in Genshin Impact

Luckily no major character died...yet

by Patrick Souza

Mourning Flower is a Sumeru Local Specialty in Genshin Impact. Found exclusively in the Girdle of the Sands desert area, they were introduced in version 3.6 and are referred to as an offering for heroes that are long gone. Gameplay-wise, they’re required for ascending certain characters like Kaveh to their limits, so you know you gotta grab them all.

They are scattered both around the surface and underground of the areas introduced in 3.6, but you’ll need to complete a few of its World Quests before exploring it completely. Therefore, you cannot gather all Mourning Flowers on the map without advancing through the quests. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get plenty of them, and here we’ll show where you can find them. Here’s where to find Mourning Flowers in Genshin Impact.

Where to Get Mourning Flowers in Genshin Impact

Those flowers are found in both Gariveh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert areas, so be sure to grab all Waypoints in those areas before going for the flowers. We’ll separate the surface areas from the underground, if you haven’t completed the quests yet since they can be quite lengthy.

Remember to bring Tighnari into your party if you have him to make things easier. If you have Nahida, her skill is able to gather flowers from distance too.

All Mourning Flower Spots on the Surface

There are two spots for getting those flowers with no quests involved. You won’t get much of them, but it should be enough to level your characters a little bit while you complete the other quests. The first ones are hard to miss during your first visit to this area.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

The second spot is far but easy to access with a few Waypoints unlocked. All of them are acessible without completing missions

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

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All Mourning Flower Spots in the Underground

The underground areas are pretty straightforward, and you’ll find plenty of Morning Flowers by simply walking through them. But some of them are still harder to reach. As mentioned before, you’ll need to finish some missions before going for these.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

Some of the flowers located to the west in the image above don’t require any quests to be picked. But you’ll still need them done before gathering all flowers.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

While some of them might be shown as being on the surface in the image, they’re technically underground. Just accept it.

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

Have a good flower picking!

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