Where to Find Honkai: Star Rail’s Top Up – Answered

Play in moderation and spend rationally.

No doubt Hoyoverse is aware of just how much players spend on their games due to the fact that if there ever was a surefire way to get what you want in a gacha video game, it is with money. Honkai: Star Rail is no exception, featuring a Top-Up shop where players can buy Oneiric Shards; the game’s Paid-For currency. 

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Where is the Top-Up Shop?

Not that we are endorsing the use of real-life money or at least not big-time real-life money. It would be best if you always were to carefully monitor what you spend inside a video game and not overdo it. Although it is in the tiniest font I have ever seen, Hoyoverse does make a point in their shop to remind players that money in video games should be spent in moderation and game time should be monitored wisely.

Stepping off my soapbox, back to the good stuff! The Shop can be found when hitting the ESC Key or the Phone Icon in the upper-left-hand corner of your game when you are logged in and running around as a character. Naturally, this will open up your menu! If you have gotten as far as we have here in this demonstration, you will notice that there are a heck ton of icons to keep up with. But never fear, Hoyoverse knows what you need. So, one of the giant buttons they have is, one for the Travel Log which is fair, and the other is for the Shop. Because that was necessary to have a giant button. 

Opening the Shop will reveal a variety of different options, some that involve in-game currency and therefore do not require you to open your wallet and others that most certainly do. The tab for Top-Up you will be looking for is the Oneiric Pouch. This will lead you to where you can find all of the Paid Currency in Honkai: Star Rail and each will have their own different options and Bonuses upon the first Purchase.

All Paid Options + Bonuses

  • USD $0.99 for x60 Oneiric Shards+60 Bonus
  • USD $4.99 for x300 Oneiric Shards +300 Bonus
  • USD $14.99 for x980 Oneiric Shards + 980 Bonus
  • USD $29.99 for 1980 Oneiric Shards + 1980 Bonus
  • USD $49.99 for x3280 Oneiric Shards + 3280 Bonus
  • USD $99.99 for x6480 Oneiric Shards + 6480 Bonus
  • USD $4.99 Express Supply Pass

Do Top-Up Bonuses Come Back in Honkai: Star Rail?

Once you pay for one of the Oneiric Shards Bundles in the Oneiric Pouch, you will gain the Bonus that is displayed in the corner, but it will only count for that one purchase. After that, you will not be able to gain the Bonus Oneiric Shards that come with each select purchase. If you were to purchase the $15 USD bundle, you would get the +980 in addition, but you would not be able to purchase the $15 USD bundle and get the same Bonus Oneiric Shards. However, if you wanted to get the $30 USD bundle, you could still get the Bonus Shards for that bundle.

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In other games that Hoyoverse has developed, they have occasionally refreshed the shop so that the Top-Up would be available for players again. Although this has taken some time for Hoyoverse to do, it often takes months at a time for Genshin Impact to refresh its shop, but it is usually notified by both in-game notices and Hoyoverse Official Twitter for that specified game when they are refreshing the game. If you have used the Bonus for an Oneiric Sharde Bundle, you may expect a bit of a wait until the next time you will be able to nab that Bonus again.

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