Where to Find Cuberry in Slime Rancher 2

Cube Berries, you get it? Because they’re cubes? Minecraft Berries

Cuberries are one of the only other common fruits aside from Pogo Fruits to be found at just about every island. Slime Rancher 2 may be in Early Access with new changes gracing us every update, but as it’s open to the public, it still helps to know where fruits are before they change on us! Here are the prime locations you can go to for Cuberries in Slime Rancher 2.

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Slime Rancher 2 – Island One Cuberry Locations

Since Rainbow Island is your typical Starter Island, you’re mostly going to find Pogo Fruit everywhere you go. With Cuberry being the different variant you can pick up. The Location to the North is found along the end of the trail in an overhanging tree. Slime Rancher 2 is notorious for hiding things out of sight, whether it be Treasure Pods or random Pots. Be sure to keep an eye out even if all the Slimes are distracting you around your feet.

The next tree is one that can be found after feeding the Cotton Gordo Slime, it’ll lead you to a beach area, and there is a winding path upwards that will lead you to another overhanging Cuberry tree.

The last of the Trees is a standing Cuberry Tree to the West off one of the many paths you’ll find that likes to get you notoriously close to falling in the water. Slime Rancher 2 really likes to test just how good you are on land, there should be an achievement for how many times I’ve careened myself into the ocean.

Island Two Cuberry Locations

Ember Island may be a chaotic land of flaming slimes and lava pools, but you can manage to find some fruits in the right places as long as you keep an eye out for the springs. Yes, you can find Cuberries here, with the more obvious location in the Northern part of the map where it’s more of an oasis. This location can be hard to get to without the help of an upgraded Jetpack. As handy as it is, the Jetpack doesn’t have a lot of propelling force and relies on your Stamina. Using it can only get you a few feet off the guard before you eventually start falling down, so it helps to get to a higher place and use it sparingly to glide around the map. If you’re ascending to high places, find good rocky areas to bounce off of to rest your stamina then use the main bulk of your stamina to ascend upwards as far as you can.

To reach the hidden Oasis on Ember Island, there are two paths; one leading you across the map above the springs, and the one where you will take the caverns and use the Water Spouts to get you to higher ground. Following the paths, you’ll come across the Cuberries trees both hanging above the spring. 

But that’s not all. These two connecting islands are much larger than your Starter Rainbow Island and you’ll find yourself here for days without a proper map. On the mainland of Ember Island are three different terrains where you can find the occasional Cuberry. One that is pretty easy to achieve as long as you cross through the binding pathways of the interior of what could only be an active volcano we’re casually trapezing through. The others are much more peaceful to gather, one being on the overhanging cliffs of the main area you’ll be greeted with once transferring to this island, and the other is another Oasis area surrounded by Ruins you can get to once passing through a Beach Area.

Island Three Cuberry Locations

But who needs Ember Island when there is Starlight Strand. This Island is perhaps one of the most confusing to venture through. Only the slimes know how many times I’ve gotten lost in this area even WITH a map. The fun part of Starlight Strand is that there are two tiers to this place, the higher tier is home to many Honey and Flutter Slimes, while the lower tier is where you can find a lot of the Beach-Dwelling Slimes such as the Angler and Rock Slimes. 

You won’t need to worry about the Lower Tier since sticking to higher altitudes is going to be what gets you the most Cuberries. It’s recommended by the fool who spent way too long trying to navigate their way around to take the Blue Path first to get to the highest places you’ll see Southmost of Starlight Strand. It’s how you come across the Flutter Gordo, and is generally the best place to farm for Cuberries if you need large amounts of them by following the legit path they make dotted across the lower map. 

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There are indeed a cluster of them in the lower section just where the beach and pink area meet, but it really seems that Starlight Strand is just the main area to pick at Cuberries if you need large quantities of them for your favorite slimes back at home. 

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