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Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

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by Madison Benson
Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Minecraft has hundreds of blocks, items and equipment to discover during your playthroughs. You may hop into one world to find a vast, colorful flower field, then start another and spawn in a desert. There are plenty of resources to see, each with its own purpose and, in many cases, crafting recipes. Clay is one of many examples, except finding this particular block can be surprisingly challenging. If you want to learn more, continue reading to find out where to find clay in Minecraft.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

In Minecraft, clay comes in two forms: a clay block and clay, the item. If you’re looking to stockpile a bunch of clay, finding its block form is the easiest way. There are two main ways to find clay in abundance, alongside a few other options if you want adventure.

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Before you begin searching, make sure to bring a shovel! Breaking a clay block with a regular shovel drops four clay while using silk touch drops the entire block.

Bottom of Water Sources

The easiest way to get clay in Minecraft is by checking any nearby rivers, lakes and ponds you encounter. While you may occasionally find some in the ocean, you’ll usually spot some in shallow water sources. Next time you’re near water, take a dive and look for some!

Naturally Generated Clay in Minecraft
Underwater clay surrounded by dirt and gravel | Image via Minecraft Java Edition

Unlike the yellow appearance of sand and the brown texture of dirt, clay has a light blue-purple texture and spawns in patches. If you find one block, you’ll usually find a bunch clustered in one area.

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Around Lush Caves

Another way to find a ton of clay is by venturing through lush caves. While you’ll usually spot it lining the edges of water sources, you can also find large patches along the floor, ceiling and walls.

Minecraft Lush Cave Clay
Image via Minecraft Java Edition

The main challenge to this method is finding a lush cave, particularly one large enough to spawn clay. If you see any azalea trees in the Overworld, be sure to start digging down to see if you get lucky!

Other Ways to Get Clay in Minecraft

While the two ways above are the easiest methods to get clay, there are a few others you can try:

  • Using pointed dripstone to dehydrate mud, turning it into clay
  • Defeat an enderman holding a clay block

Once you get your hands on clay, you can smelt it in a furnace to make bricks or terracotta. Making bricks requires using clay balls in a furnace, while terracotta is made with clay blocks!

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