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Where to Find Bulma in the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Event

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Bulma Fortnite

Fortnite X Dragon Ball is live, and beyond taking on the persona of a Super Saiyan, you’ll be able to find aspects of the iconic anime around the Battle Royale map. Bulma is one of those aspects and she serves as an NPC that players can find or interact with in any given match.

It’s likely Bulma will be part of the Dragon Ball quests as more of them unlock. She’s also a great way to unlock the Kamehameha Wave ability that was added for this massive crossover. This guide will show you exactly where to go to interact with the character and get the items you want.

Bulma Location in Fortnite X Dragon Ball

In proper Dragon Ball fashion, you can find Bulma walking around outside the Kame House, the same one that you can see on the lobby screen. However, the Kame House is small and it blends in with the map fairly well. To find it, you’ll need to look toward the easternmost part of the map. It’s directly east of Sanctuary and directly northeast of The Joneses.

Image via Epic Games.

This is the section of the map with the most water and where much of the summer event has taken place. There are three small islands on the eastern edge of the map. What you want, which is the Kame House, is the smallest island in between the other two. When you get there, you’ll find the classic house from the anime and Bulma who is walking around like a normal NPC. She just so happens to provide a Kamehameha Mythic if you get there in time.

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If you try to land here right when the match begins, you’re going to need plenty of speed and even more luck. Because the Fortnite X Dragon Ball event is new, there are tons of players landing in this location and there’s almost no cover to work with. Getting to the Kame House later in the match may not be much help at all, but that could change as the event powers on.

And that’s all there is to know about Bulma. For more great updates, guides, and news, head to the dedicated Fortnite section of our site!

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