Alpha Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Alpha Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Alpha Pokemon are a new type of ‘mon introduced in the Hisui region. The larger-than-normal versions are more powerful than their regular counterparts and, in many cases, are absolute nightmare fuel.

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There are many of these terrifying forms roaming around in the Sinnoh origins title, including the new Hisuian form Goodra. Here’s where to find Alpha Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Alpha Goodra Location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are two ways of obtaining Alpha Hisuian Goodra: via evolution or catching one. If you choose the evolution route, you’ll need to evolve a Goomy into Hisuian Sliggoo at level 40, then evolve Hisuian Sliggoo into Hisuian Goodra at level 50 while it’s raining.

To find and catch one in the wild, though, you need to have reached the Coronet Highlands. It is located on top of the mountain above Ancient Quarry, where you’ll find the Pokemon roaming around near some Toxicroak.

Alpha Goodra map location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The best way of catching it quickly is to come prepared with Heavy, Leaden, or Gigaton Balls (Gigaton is best but the others work too) and Stealth Spray, which muffles your footprints so you’re less likely to be discovered.

Crouch out of the Alpha Goodra’s line of sight and use the Stealth Spray before slowly making your way up behind it. When close, throw one of the Poke Balls mentioned above and then quickly run and hide. If the catch is unsuccessful, wait until the ‘mon is calm before trying again. Rinse and repeat until it is caught.

Alternatively, you will also encounter one automatically during Pokemon Legends Arceus‘ main story if you can wait long enough. You’ll have to battle (or catch!) it at Lake Verity during Mesprit’s trial to pass the test.

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