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Where to Find All Delamain Cabs in Cyberpunk 2077

When did cars start throwing tantrums?

After you complete the Human Nature side job in Cyberpunk 2077you will get a text from Delamain to visit their headquarters. After you visit Delamain HQ, you will get a side job from Delamain to find all the Delamain Cabs that have gone missing. Delamain will hand over a scanner that will help you locate the cabs.

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However, there is no exact location of the cabs marked on the map, and you will have to look around for them. For this reason, we have made this guide to help you find all Delamain Cabs in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Complete the Epistrophy Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

There are SEVEN Delamain Cabs that you need to find to complete the Epistrophy Side Job. These are scattered all around Night City and will require you to complete certain tasks before you can take them in.

Epistrophy: Northside

You’ll find this Delamain Cab hidden in an alleyway in Watson’s Northside District. Get to the marked location on the map. Once you get close to it, the scanner will detect signals coming from the cab and establish a connection with it.

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As you approach the cab, it will drive away, forcing you to chase it through warehouses. Keep following the cab until it crashes into a pile of trash. Delamain will call you afterward and transfer the funds to your account for completing the quest.

Epistrophy: Wellsprings

Head to the marked location in Heywood, Wellsprings, and you will see the cab roaming the streets. As you establish a connection with the cab, it will say vulgar things to you and try to run you over.

Screenshot of damaged Delamain Cab.
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You will then have to chase the cab in your vehicle and deal damage to return it to Delamain. You can ram the cab to deal damage or block its path and shoot it with any weapon. After dealing some damage, it will become inactive, allowing Delamain to take control.

Epistrophy: Badlands

For the next Delamain Cab location, head to the marked location in Red Peaks, Badlands. There will be a junkyard nearby. Drive to the center of the junkyard, and you will see a Delamain Cab parked in the middle.

It will tell you to get inside to talk for a while. After some conversation with the AI, it will tell you that Delamain can take over. You don’t have to do any objectives for this quest. Simply choose the available dialogue options, and the quest will be completed in no time.

Epistrophy: The Glen

The next Delamain quest is similar to the Epistrophy: Badlands quest. Head to the location in Heywood, The Glen, and you will see the cab parked on the footpath in a broken-down condition. As you get close, it will drive to the edge of the water and threaten to drown itself if you get any closer.

Screenshot of The Glen Delamain Cab dialogues.
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Talk to the AI to stop it from committing suicide. It does not matter what dialogue you choose. As long as you talk to the AI, it will be willing for Delamain to take over.

Epistrophy: North Oak

For the next Delamain Cab location, head to the Westbrook, North Oak district. Here, you will find the cab taking laps around the roundabout. As you approach the vehicle, it will tell you that the roads are too crowded for its comfort.

Screenshot of North Oak Delamain Cab.
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V will convince the AI to take the cab to the garage themself. You will then have to drive the car manually and take it to the marked location. Make sure you drive the car slowly and don’t crash the car. If you are going too fast and crash into other vehicles, the AI will stop the car itself and tell you that it needs to calm down.

Once you reach Delamain’s Garage, Delamain will call you and let you know that the cab is in its control now.

Epistrophy: Coastview

Probably the most difficult Epistrophy side quest out of all the others is the Epistrophy: Coastview. When you find the cab driving on the streets, it will begin a chase sequence. Follow the cab until you reach an underpass, where you will get ambushed by Gangoons.

Screenshot of Coastview enemies called by Delamain Cab.
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Get out of the car quickly and start blasting. After defeating all the enemies in the area, go over to Delamain Cab and continue the conversation. The AI will hand its control over to Delamain after the conversation ends.

Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado

You will find the final Delamain Cab in the neighborhoods of Rancho Coronado. It will be seen on the streets, expressing the fear of flamingo decorations outside people’s homes. As you reach the vehicle, you will get the objective to destroy all the flamingo decorations in the neighborhood.

Screenshot of Flamingo Decorations in Rancho Coronado Delamain Cab.
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On reaching the marker, you will find the flamingo decorations in the yards. Take out your weapon and destroy the decorations. After destroying them all, the AI will hand itself over to Delamain.

Once you find all seven Delamain Cabs and restore connection, Delamain will invite you to its Headquarters. On reaching there, Delamain will ask you to return the scanner and make the final payment, concluding the Epistrophy Side Job.

That is all for the Delamain Cabs Locations guide. You can check out more Cyberpunk 2077 guides like How to Install Mods for Cyberpunk 2077 or Best Tech Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.

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