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Where to Collect Strange Parts in Genshin Impact

You're not a stranger to finding hidden components

One of the main World Quests in Fontaine will eventually reach a point where you have to find certain Strange Parts, scattered around the newest region in Genshin Impact. While you may or may not already have a few of them as soon as you get to this step, you might still be missing a few of them to progress in the story. To make matters easy, here’s where you can find all of the Strange Parts in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: All Strange Parts Locations in Fontaine

The Ancient Colors Act II: There Will Come Soft Rains quest reaches this step once you first speak with Selene in the Merusea Village. She hands you one part, but you need to find three more in order to help Mamere fix Seymour. Fortunately for you, these parts are nearby the area.

1 – Below Mamere’s House

Go to the small Melusian girl’s house and jump down into the waters from the point depicted in the image, right next to her house. You’re looking for the wreckage of a ship housing a locked treasure.

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To solve its puzzle, activate the big Echoing Couch next to it and interact with the three pulsing water spots. Defeat the attacking Mekas (borrow the stingray’s powers to make quick work of it) and the treasure will open itself.

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2 – “A Lonely Place”

Head to “A Lonely Place” zone in the village, and you’ll find a locked chest, once again next to the remains of a ship. Break all of the nearby red cores to unlock the Hydro Crystals.

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Use the nearby active red prism to break open them, and you can either redirect the beams to a nearby prism or just break them all with a precise hit. Use the Miraculous Hydrograna to activate the Crystals and get the chest with the second part.

3 – “Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup” Quest

As soon as you enter the Merusea Village, you’ll certainly find Verenata waiting for you with a side quest. This easy-to-complete quest named “Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup” awards you with the remaining Strange Part. The quest is pretty straightforward, and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Collect Strange Parts Venerata Quest
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More Strange Parts will be later available for you through other quests, but these are the quickest, most straightforward methods you can get your story-required parts for now. 

Now with all of the parts in your hands, you can now return to Mamere’s house and help the artist-to-be girl to fix her loyal companion! You can now also continue the Ancient Colors questline, which reveals even more of Fontaine’s depths to you.

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