Where to Buy Class C Ships in Starfield

You'd think a C class ship would be worse than an A class, but you'd be wrong.

Starfield Class C Ship
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Ships are the bread and butter of Starfield, sandwiched in between most missions and planet exploration. They can get you from place to place quite quickly, and can even help you take down a squadron of hostile ships. As such, having the best ship for the job can help massively to improve your success chances. Class C ships are easily some of the best. Here’s where to buy Class C ships in Starfield.

Where to Get a Class C Ship in Starfield

Starfield Voyager
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Similar to all other ships in Starfield, Class C ships can either be purchased or built yourself through a Ship Services Technician. The easiest one to find is located in New Atlantis, immediately next to where your ship is landed. When speaking with him, select the dialogue option “Let me see what ships you have for sale.” and he’ll offer up a few ships for you to take a look at.

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The Ship Services Technician won’t always offer up a Class C ship, though in my case, he was selling me a Class C ship named the Voyager for 326,000 Credits (what does he think I am, made of money?). If he isn’t selling one, then you can reset his shop easily. Just take off in your ship, then land back down and he should have some new ships for sale. You can also check the Ship Services Technicians in other cities, since they may have different ships on offer. As I was checking Akila City for this guide, their Technician was offering the Dullahan, another Class C ship.

What Do I Need to Fly a Class C Ship?

Starfield Piloting Skill
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While you can freely buy a Class C ship, there’s a possibility that you can’t fly it yet. That’s because you need to have maxed the Piloting skill, found under the Tech tree. The first few levels of this are for handling your ship, but the last two offer the ability to fly Class B and Class C ships. Outside of needing skill points, you’ll need to kill ships to level this skill up.

Why is a Class C Ship Useful?

Class C ships are better than Class A or B ships for a few reasons. For once, you’ll gain access to a larger Crew size, allowing you to gain more passive benefits from more Crew members. Alongside that, Class C parts offer the best stats in the game, including better speed, handling, and total power you can allot. They’re a worthy upgrade and are the direct path to endgame ship design.

If you’re looking for information regarding ships, check out our guide on how to upgrade ships in Starfield.

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