Where is the Starborn Trader in Starfield? – Answered

Rely on lady luck to find this extravagant trader in space!

Starfield Starborn Ship
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To say Starfield has one of the most interesting New Game Plus mechanics in gaming would feel like quite an understatement. Not only does the galaxy itself change in unique ways, but new vendors and items unlock. It’s a lot of fun to explore. But one vendor that eludes most of us is the Starborn Trader. She’s elusive, costly, and very much appreciated. So, where is the Starborn Trader in Starfield?

Where to Find the Starborn Trader in Starfield

The Starborn Trader is only available once you enter New Game Plus in Starfield. She does not spawn in your first playthrough. But once you enter your second playthrough with the same character, her spawn is totally random.

When I met her in my NG+ playthrough, she spawned in Heisenberg. I’ve heard others claim she spawns frequently in Feynman. It’s likely different for your game, though.

In any case, when this unique vendor does spawn, she will appear as “Mysterious Captain,” and she’ll hail your ship. If you respond, she will explain, “I cater to Starborn, a very exclusive and specialized crowd. You can call me…the Trader.”

It’s certainly mysterious!

She sells a lot of really unique items, including:

And there’s more, but it’s likely dependent on RNG. I rolled a few unique legendary weapons with various affixes, but they may not be the same as what you see.

Unfortunately, the downside to her carrying such high-end gear is that you’ll require many, many credits to purchase even a single item. Some of these weapons, for instance, sell for upwards of 60,000 credits or more. It’s an eye-opening amount of money to blow in one transaction.

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