How to Get The Last Breath in Starfield

Take one last breath.

Starfield The Last Breath Unique Weapon
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With a name like The Last Breath, you would expect this unique rifle in Starfield to deal one-hit-kill-type damage to any enemy in the game. So, does it? In most cases, yeah. It’s an extremely powerful rifle capable of dealing a lot of damage from a distance. Even better is the variety of pre-installed mods that allow you to harm multiple enemies in one shot. Here is how to get The Last Breath in Starfield!

Where to Get The Last Breath in Starfield

Starfield Starborn Ship
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You must bump into the Starborn Trader in New Game Plus in Starfield to purchase The Last Breath. She appears randomly, so jump around to a few different star systems. In my game, she appeared in Heisenberg, but I’ve heard she loves the Feynman Star System.

In any case, once she does appear, you’ll have a chance to buy The Last Breath for a hefty sum of credits. To clarify, she wants 47,794 credits for this unique rifle. Is it worth the cost? For a gun that costs the same as a starship, yeah, it’s good. It’s a fantastic rifle that deals a lot of damage and comes with Penetrator Rounds!

The Last Breath Stats and Details

Starfield The Last Breath Stats
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Of the many pre-installed weapon mods that come stock on most unique weapons, Penetrator Rounds is the roll that you want for a rifle. This mod allows your bullets to pass through enemies, damaging multiple targets when a shot is lined up correctly. The Last Breath provides that level of firepower paired with the Oxygenated effect, making for a deadly sniper rifle.

  • Weapon Type: Rifle
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 139
  • Ammunition Type: .50 Caliber Caseless
  • Magazine Size: 5
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Range: 120
  • Accuracy: 83.80%
  • Mass: 10.05
  • Value: 47794
  • Mod Slot 1: Fluted Barrel
  • Mod Slot 2: Long Scope
  • Mod Slot 3: Muzzle Brake
  • Mod Slot 4: Penetrator Rounds
  • Rare Effect: Oxygenated – The hold-breath time is increased when using a scoped weapon.
  • Item ID: 0022A8E2

For a long-range build, picking the right rifle makes a significant difference. The wrong choice can break an entire build and playthrough, so err on the side of caution and invest in a unique, named rifle for the sake of power and longevity!

Keep an eye on Prima Games for new unique weapon guides for Starfield! Check out our guide on how to get the Hunterwulf rifle to add even more variety to your arsenal.

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