Where is the Goat Pen’s Gate Keycard in Dead Island 2 – Answered

Marissa might be the most responsible zombie in the GOAT Pen

Once you leave the sanctuary that is Emma Jaunt’s Bel-Air mansion, you will quickly find yourself faced with the Goat Pen, a streamer and influencer house. While you might be hoping to hightail it out of this building as quickly as possible, you will need a key to do so. If you have the question where the Goat Pen’s Gate Keycard in Dead Island 2 is, we have the answer.

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Where is the Goat Pen’s Gate Keycard in Dead Island 2 – Answered

There is two key cards in the Goat Pen, and we will dig into how to get both here. So, strap on your zombie butt kicking shoes.

  • Find the Key Card in the Streaming Room

The first way is to head to the streaming room. The Streaming Room is on the first floor, or the room you drop in from on the roof. If you see an orange piano, you need to go up the stairs.

Face the main entrance, then turn left. You will see a room with two doors open in front of you. Enter those doors, then turn left. This is the streaming room, and it has both a zombie and an office set up in it.

Head to the very back, towards the computer desk. There on the desk will be the keycard. You will know you have found it because it is glows extremely bright.

  • Find and Kill Goat Pen Marissa

It is likely that as you have wandered through the Goat Pen, you have encountered unique zombies called Goat Pen (Name). These zombies were the past occupants of the Goat Pen, and they tend to be a little stronger than those around them.

Occasionally, they will have special loot. That is the case with Goat Pen Marissa, who you will first encounter in the Pool. She looks like your typical walker, with grey skin, grey hair, a black shirt, and shorts. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that she will drop the key card.

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If you do not find her there, it is possible she is in a room near the pool.

But even with the GOAT Pen key card, you will not be able to access certain areas. For that, you will need the Master Key… or do you? Here is how to get into the master key suite easy and early: How to Access the GOAT Pen Master Key Rooms Early Island 2.

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