Where is the Bombmaker in COD DMZ? – Answered

Siege the castle.

Bombmaker DMZ
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With so many seasons of content in the Call of Duty DMZ, there are plenty of Commander bosses for you to hunt down across each map, and the Bombmaker remains one of the toughest to get your hands on. In this guide, I’ll go over exactly where you can find this Commander and how to take him down.

How to Find the Bombmaker in COD DMZ

You can find the Bombmaker Commander at the top of Tsuki Castle on the Ashika Island map of DMZ. Tsuki Castle is the largest stronghold within Ashika, located directly in the center of the island. As you might expect, the area is relatively large and full of small corridors with dangerous enemies.

Bombmaker Location DMZ
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To reach the Bombmaker, you must reach the top floor of Tsuki Castle. You can easily reach the castle’s roof, but you won’t be able to reach the inside from there. I only ever use the roof to make sure the area is clear. Instead, you need to open up the castle by disabling the Wheelson or bringing a key.

Each floor in the castle is full of traps, armored enemies, and tons of sentry guns. You need to get past all these floors to reach the top of the castle. Once you get there, you will find the Bombmaker using a crossbow as his primary weapon. Upon success, you can also claim the DMZ Weapon Case on Ashika Island from this Commander.

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Even if you don’t care for the case, there are plenty of upgrades in DMZ that require you to take down the Bombmaker or any Commanders at all. Against this Commander specifically, you want to ensure that enemy Operators are gone and that you take your time reaching the top floor.

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