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Where to Find Skeleton Ships in Sea of Thieves

by Josh Hawkins

With the recent release of Cursed Sails, players can now come across crews of skeleton ships in Sea of Thieves, as they roam around the seas. There are quite a few ways to find skeleton ships in Sea of Thieves, but here’s the most tried and true method. In this article we’ll teach you how to start searching the seas and find skeleton ships in Sea of Thieves so you can take them down.

How to Find Skeleton Ships

Now that Cursed Sails is available, players have three weeks to complete the Cursed Sails campaign and then start diving into the rest of the content that the DLC has to offer. During the campaign—we aren’t sure if the method will change once the campaign ends—you can visit the six different outposts scattered around Sea of Thieves and look for banners placed on the ground. These banners will warn of skeleton ships challenging skillful sailors to come and try their hand at defeating them.

Once you find one of these banners, you’ll be given a set of dates, as well as a description of where to look for the skeleton ships. For example, the banner on one outpost might tell you to look for the skeleton ship “southwest of Crescent Isle”. You’d then head to Crescent Isle and start sailing around the waters to the southwest of the island.

Of course, you’ll need to pay attention to the dates on the banner as well. These dates correspond to in-game dates, so take a look at your watch—which can be found in the item wheel—and by looking at the small dial on the watch. Wait for the dates to arrive, then head to the location and start sailing around as you wait for the ships to arrive.

Now that you know how and where to find skeleton ships, it’s time to start taking down these massive foes and claiming the treasures that they hold—as well as the titles that come with those treasures. We’ll continue to keep our Sea of Thieves guide  updated with more information, so make sure you check back often to learn everything you need to know. You can also learn how to form an alliance in Sea of Thieves for more help in the latest update.


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